Absent in 2013

There were plenty of shows we thought we would get that have since been pushed out to 2014.

2013-12-26_2348Every year I take stock of the shows that never surfaced, despite the earlier teases from networks.

This year the results are a little bit different.

Firstly we had more shows than ever held over until the following year.

Secondly, public broadcasters had longer lists than the commercial networks. Nine, which is usually the worst transgressor in this regard, had an amazing improvement as a result of learning to ‘over-promise’ at its 2013 Upfronts. Two titles will still make the calendar year by premiering on December 29 and 30.

As best as I can ascertain, here’s the list for 2013:

William’s Big Twitch,
Don’t Be Afraid of the Darkies,
Blue Kangaroo,

Postponed to 2014:
Janet King,
The Gods of Wheat Street,
The Broken Shore,
Spicks and Specks,
The Flamin’ Thongs,

Zero Hour,
Coastwatch Australia,

Postponed to 2014:
Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS,

Cancelled: Australia’s Got Talent,


Postponed to 2014:
Love Child,

Cancelled: Return to Eden,

The Taste (Begins Sunday)
Partners (Begins Monday)


Postponed to 2014:
Puberty Blues,
Secret & Lies
Batavia (or possibly 2015)

Cancelled: Shock of the Now

On Death Row,
The Bridge,
Welcome to Puntland,
Stephen Hawking’s Brave New World,
Thai Street Food,

Postponed to 2014:
Once Upon a Time in Punchbowl,

American Gods,
Mad Dogs,

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  1. I only saw a couple of episodes of Silk and was impressed by the acting. Unfortunately, this is just another program about lawyers and they all start to get a little predictable after a while. Perhaps I’ve just been around to long.

  2. Season 3 of Mad Dogs (Max Beesley, John Simm, Marc Warren & Phillip Glenister) was shown in July/August on FX. It had been scheduled earlier.
    As it was only shown in the UK in June, that’s not too bad!
    Apparently the story has been wrapped up with a 4th season of 2 new episodes to be shown in the UK on the 29th and 30th of this month.

  3. It is hard to launch a drama in this climate. As Wonderland demonstrates you can no longer just put something that is just OK on in the middle of nowhere and have people watch it.

    The networks have been caught out by this and are holding dramas back until they are sure they are right and the stars are aligned for a successful launch, while at the same time overpromising to media buyers because they are struggling for revenue.

    That isn’t sustainable and they will adapt and target things better in the future.

  4. But I don’t agree with the ABC holding all those shows back. In the article on here where they were saying “less is more” I was thinking if you didnt with hold everything it would be ok.

    To me it is still like ABC is asleep at start of the year and they only properly wake up in the last quarter

  5. Yes @Loz please ABC show Janet King early in the ratings year!

    I didn’t realise we were getting our own version of Coastwatch until I saw a promo just the other day (didn’t think 7 would promo a factual these days to be honest)

  6. I have been looking forward to Janet King in what seems like forever since first heard it was going to be made in 2011 when Crownies ended (they should bring that back by the way). Also looking forward to Puberty Blues.

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