Airdate: Orphan Black

timthumbCanadian sci-fi series Orphan Black will premiere on SBS 2 in mid January.

The critically acclaimed show, with a backdrop of clones, will air in double episodes on Tuesday nights.

Star Tatiana Maslany (pictured) is in the running for a Golden Globe for her performance as Sarah Manning, a born outsider living on the fringes and surviving by her wits.

8:30 pm Orphan Black “Natural Selection”
Sarah, a streetwise hustler, witnesses the suicide of a stranger who looks just like her. Sarah assumes “Beth’s” identity, planning to clean out Beth’s savings to buy a new life with her daughter, Kira. But Sarah’s simple score gets complicated when she finds out that Beth was caught in the middle of a deadly conspiracy, making Sarah the next target.

9:20 pm Orphan Black “Instinct”
With a dead identical in her car and an assassin on her tail, Sarah just wants to dump the body and get out of town. But with Beth’s cop partner Art holding the money she stole, Sarah is forced to continue her con and earn “Beth” a second chance on the force, only to find out that Beth’s past is shadier than she thought. Now, her only hope of finding answers lies with another twin, Alison. But to win Alison’s trust, Sarah is going to have to come clean about stealing Beth’s life.

Tuesday 14 January SBS 2


  1. This show is awesome, however it took me about 3 or 4 episodes to really get into it. I actually skipped the first two episodes and just started with episode three and it was brilliant. Around episode 7 with Allison getting more screen time was the time I knew this show was something special

    season 2 will be awesome – doesn’t air until April though

  2. This is a great series, I hope it does well for them. I’m very keen to see season 2, I hope they can fast(ish) track it so we don’t have to wait a year like series 1.

  3. About bloody time!
    David do you know if SBS will screen the 2nd season once they have shown season 1? Pretty sure the season 2 starts in April (?).

    From what I have read on American entertainment websites, Orphan Black didn’t have the best ratings while it was airing, but has found a lot of new fans in the time it has been off the air.
    Fingers crossed that Tatiana Maslany wins the Golden Globe, every character she plays has their own personality and while I was watching I really felt as thought there was different actresses playing them.

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