Aussie sitcom takes on UK broadcast

2013-12-05_2359An Australian web-based sitcom is about to get broadcast on Showcase in the UK, this Sunday.

The Cleanists was developed by Tristram Baumber (Wednesday Night Fever) as ten five-minute episodes, following the exploits of four partners who run a house-cleaning business.

It stars James Chapman, Gabriella Stevens, Shanon Kulupach and Craig Lindeman.

“They clean houses. They touch hearts. They don’t do curtains,” says the show’s one-line pitch.

“This is a pretty big break for us, as it means being beamed into millions of homes in Great Britain and Ireland. We’re currently in the process of looking for an Australian broadcaster,” Baumber told TV Tonight.

“Writing and directing The Cleanists has been a fantastic experience for me from start to finish. I really feel like I found the perfect cast and crew for the project, and we’ve all become friends off-set as well as on.

“Getting the green light from Showcase TV in the UK was huge for us. We’re very excited about people across Great Britain and Ireland seeing our show. It just goes to demonstrate how truly global the TV business is now.

“We’re currently looking for an Australian broadcaster for our series. It seems in some ways broadcast TV may be less flexible in Australia than it can be in other countries. It’s a bit weird for us to be broadcast overseas before we’re broadcast at home, but we’re happy for it to happen in whatever order comes naturally.”

All ten episodes are available to view at


  1. I watch Showcase on Freesat fairly regularly. Some of the programming is pants, but increasingly they seem to be moving towards presenting distinctive creative voices. Cool to see they’re branching out into sitcom.

  2. Must say I’ve never even heard of a Showcase channel here in the UK – indeed looking it up it’s nothing like the Aussie or Canadian namesakes – seems to be some kind of Irish country music come tele-shopping come poker hybrid!

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