Axed in 2013

2013-12-30_0032The “Axed” term is slightly contentious.

It generally refers to a network cancelling a show, but in reality all shows have the plug pulled, whether by the execs or the creatives themselves.

The Australian list is much shorter than the International because networks rarely announce a show has been axed  -rather it simply isn’t recommissioned. We already have a sizeable list of local shows still under the question mark for 2014 and the standard answer is “no decision yet.”

So whether by their own hand or not, here are the shows that called it quits in 2013 or announced final seasons.

NB: A handful will still have new episodes on Australian screens in 2014.

Packed to the Rafters,
Before the Game,
The Game Plan,
The Price is Right,
Nine News
(4:30pm Perth),


Ripper Street,
Low Winter Sun,
The Jeselnik Offensive,
King and Maxwell,
Army Wives,
What Would Ryan Lochtie Do?,
The Killing (US),
The Glades,
Magic City,


The Glee Project,
Betty White’s Off Their Rockers,
The Borgias,
Eastbound and Down,
CSI: New York,
Body of Proof,
Rules of Engagement,


The New Normal,
Go On,
Golden Boy,
Red Widow,
Burn Notice,

Star Wars: Clone Wars
The Hour,
Being Human,
Ben and Kate,
Wedding Band,
Drop Dead Diva,


We also saw final seasons for numerous shows (Dexter, Breaking Bad, Merlin, Spartacus etc.) but the announcements were made in 2012.


  1. Enlightened was a great loss. Conceived as a three season show unfortunately it was axed at the end of season 2. Brilliant but cancelled. That’s TV I guess…

  2. Oh and I wish that The Price of Right had been done better and not in such a low rent way. Larry is perfect for the show and it’s such a fun show but not when the prizes are so dodgy!

  3. I was really disappointed Don’t Trust The Bitch in Apartment 23 was cancelled early in the year. Is such a funny show, particularly Krysten Ritter’s performance as the outrageous ‘bitch’. And James Van Der Beek’s (the Beek from the Creek) acting as an outlandish version of himself was terrific, easily up there with Matt Le Blanc on Episodes. Have watched the 2 seasons so many times.
    I also enjoyed Wedding Band and thought it had legs, was a shame for it to only have 1 season. I actually bought the soundtrack, it’s really good!

  4. What about Nikita? Its finished now. Or is it because it hasn’t aired its final season here yet?

    Must say a few quality shows got the chop this year. Smash was great in the second half but it was too little too late. It was also sad to see Rafters end. I thought Seven might give us one more 10 episode final season but i was happy with how it all ended. I wonder which shows will get the chop next year.

  5. Was so glad to see the back of The Price Is Right. Great host, terrible reformatting. Shame Ripper Street went though – it was a cracker with a great cast.

  6. um being human didnt get axed unless your talking about the original series (UK) then yes that ended but the north american remake which is awesome got renewed for a fourth which by the way do you know if channel 11 is going to air the third season ?david

  7. Hey The Killing hasn’t been cancelled, it got picked up for a six episode run by Netflix.

  8. carolemorrissey

    Is 11 ever going to show the rest of 90210, it’s shown S1 & some of S2 but then it disappeared. It was airing around this time last year so would have thought they would air it again this year. And will we ever get S2 of Touch?

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