Neighbours casting son of Scott & Charlene

Neighbours’ producers are currently casting for an actor to play Daniel Robinson, son of Scott and Charlene Robinson.

2013-12-02_0839Producers will cast a male in his young 20s as the offspring of the characters famously portrayed by Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan during the 1980s. Over the years Daniel has been referred to in dialogue but never seen on screen.

Neighbours’ Series Producer, Jason Herbison, said: “Charlene and Scott are the quintessential love story who have the happy ending. More than 25 years on, they are still remembered worldwide.

“It is fantastic that we can re-open this chapter of Neighbours‘ history for a new generation of viewers.”

Now in his early 20s, Daniel will return to Erinsborough to see where his parents fell in love. He will be introduced to his infamous uncle, Paul Robinson, played by Stefan Dennis -the only remaining cast member to have shared the screen with Minogue and Donovan.

“It really is a significant piece of Neighbours’ colourful past and let’s face it, the kid could not have come from a better gene pool,” joked Dennis.

The new character will debut in 2014. Guessing he will be a blonde, but hopefully not with big hair.


  1. What an interesting idea!

    I can already see the advertising… “Who is he… Why is he back…? What is he hiding? (echo hiding, hiding hiding…?)” LOL.

  2. Pity Paul doesn’t actually live on Ramsay Street anymore. He lives in the Penthouse. I hear Daniel is replacing Kate as the token Robinson family member on screen.

  3. Not to get too nerdy, but Tom Oliver was also on the show with Kylie and Jason. As was Alan Fletcher, although he was playing a pre-Dr Karl character (a mechanic who worked with Charlene). So um… yeah, I got too nerdy.

  4. Introducing Scott & Charlene’s son is long overdue. Now in his early 20s, he is older than his parents were when they lived in the street. There is a daughter as well, who I guess would be late teens, early 20s. It will have to be a really dynamic casting, Scott and Charlene’s charisma is a lot to live up too.

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