Renewed: Winners and Losers

Seven's gal pal drama will go back before the cameras.

2013-12-19_2109Seven yesterday announced Winners & Losers will go back before the cameras.

The good news comes on top of 13 new episodes already completed and set to air next year.

Melissa Bergland, Virginia Gay, Katherine Hicks, Zoe Tuckwell-Smith and Melanie Vallejo will all return.

The Bevan Lee-created drama, launched in 2011, was one of the top five local dramas on television this year.

Seven’s Head of Drama, Julie McGauran said, “Winners & Losers is a show everyone loves working on. The contemporary vibe allows for great storytelling against a backdrop everyone can relate to.

“There’s so much in store for our favourite girls as we follow them through triumph, tragedy and everything in between.”

A 9 month production is due to commence in Melbourne in early 2014.

7 Responses

  1. Always good news when a local series gets a renewal, I just wish W&L was better than it is!

    The show was always laden with cliches and stereotypes, but it become worse this past year. For a one hour drama, it should be sharp and clever. For me, it’s just meh.

    But good on you Channel Seven for support of Aussie drama.

  2. Hopefully seven will show remaining episodes when ratings begin next year. Was not happy when they took off Winners and Losers early and will not be impressed if seven keeps us waiting. Suspect it won’t be an 8,30pm start on tuesday nights either due to my kitchen rules.

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