Returning: Community

2013-12-22_1633Community fans will finally get new episodes on GO!

Season 4 begins 6pm Monday December 30.

“History 101”
In the Season Premiere the study group returns for their fourth year of college. Britta helps Abed cope with his anxiety about the group parting ways after graduation whilst Jeff works to ensure that he manages to graduate on time.

The episode has a “Hunger Games” theme and marks the first without creator Dan Harmon, although he is back on board for Series 5 which is about to premiere in the US.


  1. Agreed – have already seen this legally from overseas sourced DVD set, like just about any quality overseas made comedy/drama/scifi etc obviously younger fans would have already seen this through other “less legal” means – I don’t know why the commercial FTA networks even bother …

  2. Any self-respecting Community fan would have watched this already- on Hulu, ordered the DVDs legally off Amazon or through some other means. The fact they’re showing such a cult show nearly a year after it aired in America, and at the same time the next season is about to air there is a joke and an insult.

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