Returning: Treme

2013-12-01_0016The fourth and final season of Treme begins this week on Showcase, Express from the US.

There are just 5 eps this time round.

New Orleans, 38 months after. Barack Obama has just been elected to the White House, giving entrenched residents of this still-battered city reason for optimism. Yet for every Batiste, Lambreaux, McAlary and Desautel who hopes to improve his or her lot – or just return to a sense of pre-Katrina normalcy – others are intent on capitalizing on the city’s vulnerability and suffocating its culture.

6:00pm Monday 2nd December on Showcase.


  1. HBO gave Simon a half season to finish off the story with Obama coming to power.

    Liz Lemon: “Kids coming, show to save, DVR at 98 percent, but I’m just never in the mood to watch Treme. Okay. First things first. I’ll watch a bunch of Tremes.”

    “Sorry I’m late but Treme gets good if you stick with it”.

  2. It’s a shame that more people don’t watch this. I’ve never been so moved by a television show before. I think it’s a testament to the acting, writing, directing and all the other creative minds behind a project can make you fall in love with a culture; they worked hard on trying to make this as tasteful, honest and accurate as possible and I, for one, think they succeeded. Congratulations to David Simon and the team on four strong seasons and I cannot wait to tune into season four.

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