Seven renews deal with ITV

2013-12-12_0101Seven will continue to have first pick of ITV’s programming across all genres after renewing a multi-year output deal with ITV Studios Global Entertainment.

The deal was struck between Augustus Dulgaro, senior vice president, Asia Pacific, ITV Studios Global Entertainment and Seven’s director of programming Angus Ross.

ITV titles includes Downton Abbey and Mr. Selfridge with new programming to include hidden camera magic show Tricked, 11-part doc series Gator Boys and 20-part Call of the Wildman, and an Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour.

“With the renewal of this long term strategic partnership we’re delighted we can continue to bring Australian audiences the very best content from ITVS GE across our suite of channels – Seven, 7Two and 7Mate,” said Angus Ross.

Source: Broadcast Now


  1. That would be a strange argument to use by Ten given the charters for the UK channels mean ITV is basically has a monopoly when it comes to running a commercial TV station. Channel 4 is required to be youth focussed (and is doing as bad as Ten), Channel 5 is even more obscure, while the BBC doesn’t run ads.

    Not really the same at all. Australian TV is a blood sport.

  2. Some interesting titles but Dodge i think you are right. Not getting much but if the next big British show comes along like Downton Seven will have the option to have it. I think Seven have done the deal mainly because of its digital channels and first run British content, although lately 7two has lost its identity. It used to be known as the British channel and now its becoming more mainstream. Might explain why it lost 0.2% this year.

  3. Just my opinion of course but, Downton Abbey aside, Seven don’t really get much out of this deal. But it’s good to see it’s not just American programs we see on our screens.

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