The Block faves revealed

2013-12-05_2246The winners of The Block Sky High, Alisa and Lysandra Fraser, will compete on The Block: Fans v Faves, set to air early next year on Nine.

They will be joined by Brad Cranfield (The Block 2012) and Dale Vine (The Block 2012) who have have joined forces to compete as a new team.

The four will take on two teams of “fans” to be decided amongst Chris and Pas, from Queensland, Kyal and Kara (NSW), Chantelle and Steve (VIC), and Jesse and Kenny (Qld).

A total of four teams will renovate Dux House, a former movie theatre, in Albert Park into 4 double storey apartments.

None of the teams realise what’s going on when producers bring them face to face with one another at the top of the season. As previously reported, the site they must renovate is devoid of floors and walls when work commences, and teams begin by living in tents on the site.

“We constantly look around the country for suitable properties for the show,” executive producer Julian Cress told News.

“This current series is being filmed in Albert Park simply because the grand old Dux movie theatre is located 50 metres from my house and I took one look at it and thought it was perfect.”

Nine has also confirmed a second season of The Block for 2014, expected to be located in Prahran.


  1. The promo is rubbish. The host standing in the middle of a structure that has walls, steelwork etc telling us there is nothing there. Clearly he is blind or doesn’t know the difference between nothing and something, no wonder he is no longer in the building trade. Stop insulting us with lies, be honest and say there is a structure but little else. I for one won’t watch something that is clearly false before it starts, what else are we misled by the producers.

  2. timmydownawell

    maxxdude… on shows like this and Survivor, “Fans v Favourites” is just tv-speak for “New Contestants v Returning Players”.

    It doesn’t mean that the new players are necessarily fans (moreso in the case of Survivor where they regularly cast by approaching attractive people on the beach in California), but for the returning players they’ll basically take whoever is available and willing to try again.

  3. Sorry, the sisters won through talent, but were constantly harping, so I’m not sure which Block others were watching. Not faves, but I can see why they are there.

  4. timmydownawell

    I watched the recent Block NZ, and enjoyed it much more than Nine’s version. Not least because it doesn’t feature the painful Cam/Craft duo, but because their cast was (mostly) more likeable.

  5. Adam Oriti Art

    Wonderful! I love the twins! They just got in and got things done with no complaints! They are rather funny too, which is what we need!

    Hope they win again!!!

  6. Claude Bottom

    The Block, let me guess. All contestants will be caucasian, photogenic and crass in a bogan sort of way.

    In other words the Nine network’s viewing demographic.

    PS There will probably also be some degree of whining at some stage.

  7. @maxxdude – they are faves cos of their style and great attitude (unlike some other players on that series who were mean and nasty).

    Can’t wait to see this series and happy the twins are back as well as Brad & Dale.

  8. I fail to understand how the twins could be called faves. Love The Block but these 2 wanted to leave last season & should not have been invited back.

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