The survey says ….rumours of another game show revival?

2013-12-16_0327After that Rove-led Blankety Blanks revival was firmly knocked on the head from several quarters we’ll just have to take this one with a strong cup of cynicism.

But there are whispers that Family Feud is under discussions for a comeback.

Sources tell TV Tonight there are several shows being discussed within industry circles (of course, there always are) but that this one is a current front-runner.

While TEN’s 6pm family entertainment show is still under wraps -not even a start date for that has been announced- a TEN spokesperson denied it was planning to air Family Feud next year.

The FremantleMedia show has aired in Australia with several hosts including Tony Barber, Daryl Somers, Rob Brough and Bert Newton, last airing in 2007.

Well it is the silly season.

This one seems to fit the bill pretty well.

Anyone for The Weakest Link?


  1. Oh no…. I have been wracking my brain trying to work out what this could be and I have a horrible feeling its “All Star Squares” I think Channel 7 last did a version in the late 90s

    Maybe something hosted by Dave Hughes would be quite watchable

  2. I’m actually surprised one of the networks hasn’t done an Aust version of Eggheads, plenty of old Quiz Champs out there to fill the Egghead seats. It is folks at home watching playable and could be entertaining with the right mix, for me the best host would be Peter Berner (The Einstein Factor). It would be a good show to put up against Millionaire Hot Seat, as at home participation would be on par with that.

  3. I wonder if any of the networks ever consider developing an original game show. If they got it right they would save on huge franchising fees. They could then franchise it around the world and make serious money. Or do they just put it in the too hard basket.

  4. I would like to see Sale of the Century/Temptation return. My favourite game show of all time.

    I would like to see an Aussie version of The Chase, but I think its more suited to one-hour slots, like the current version (on Seven in the arvos). Ten can bring on Letters and Numbers? But then again, its probably more suited on SBS in primetime or on Ten in the afternoon slots.

  5. Armchair Analyst

    Yeah i also like Saaaaaaaale of the Century. i am not sure whether TEN will commision it. I dont think Nine will because they tried Temptation and that only lasted about a year or two.

  6. TEN are now scraping the bottom of the barrel, what a bizarre choice. This will appeal to 65 year olds. So you think you can Dance appeals to 20 year olds. TEN has no idea, talk about schizophrenic programming, they can’t even work out what audience they want to attract!

  7. Bert’s Family Feud, just like Million Dollar Wheel, could have really worked had it been for a poor choice of hosts. Sure, Bert is royalty, but the rehash of Feud & Wheel needed someone young, peppy and most importantly relatable with a great sense of humour.

    PS: Can someone please try an Australian version of Jeopardy (not hosted by Tony Barber)? It’s one of the longest running and most award winning game shows. I can’t believe it’s not on down here.

  8. I’ve actually been watching Youtube clips of the American version since Steve Harvey took over.
    Proof that a good host can make a show, he’s hilarious to watch!

    I’d watch an Australian version if they could find a host like that.

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