Tim Campbell written out of House Husbands

"The producers have decided at the 11th hour that Tom won't be returning," says a disappointed Tim Campbell.

Kane and TomTim Campbell’s House Husbands character, firefighter Tom, has been written out of the Nine drama.

“I now won’t be returning to House Husbands next year,” he wrote on social media.

“The producers have decided at the 11th hour that Tom won’t be returning. It was a surprise decision and, to be honest, as a fan of the show I’m disappointed that a unique TV family is no more and Tom would leave his partner and children suddenly off screen. Don’t blame me, I’m just the actor.”

Campbell has been with the series across its two seasons, as the same-sex partner of Kane, played by Gyton Grantley.

“However I do hope this means that they can now write more for Kane, who I think is a great character, and for Gyton, who I have loved working with.

“Of course I wish all of the cast and crew nothing but the success they deserve, they have truly been an absolute joy to work with.”

It’s a disappointing move for the show’s only gay couple, particularly as gay marriage is on the national agenda. But producers may well have another romance in mind for Kane.

A Nine spokesperson told News Corp there would be other cast changes.

Last year Campbell told TV Tonight that unlike the “Husbands” female partners, he was not part of of the show’s fulltime cast.

“The girls might have been on full-time contracts, I don’t know, but I wasn’t,” he said.

“I’m obviously part of the cast with a slow ease- into-it.

“Had they written two guys who were really camp or had issues with their sexuality I probably wouldn’t have taken on the role to be honest,” he said.

“What I liked about it was that you could easily substitute a heterosexual couple into the storyline and virtually have everything exactly the same. So that was something that really appealed to me.”

Campbell and his partner, singer Anthony Callea, will both appear at Nine’ Carols by Candlelight and he releases an album High School Disco in April.

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  1. Like the other posters I’m disappointed reading this. Nine’s drama had been lost in the wilderness of inauthenticity for years and along comes HH – a surprise hit, largely due to it’s low key but authentic, relatable, familiar take on modern family life. The key same-sex relationship made this show rise above the usual level of mediocrity they dish up (masquerading as “broad appeal”). Not sure if HH will be special without them – just more soapy, middle-aged, middle class angst.

  2. Guys… I’ve started a petition to get Channel 9 and Playmaker to reverse this decision and keep Kane and Tom together… pass it on to see how many people we can get to support the cause !


  3. This is really disappointing of channel 9. To have a “normal” gay couple with kids on such a broadly watched show is truly important – to give gay youth role models that they can look up to and see living a true, open, honest and happy life. There must be some way we can protest this and demand that Tom and Kane’s loving relationship be kept alive??!!!

  4. @jonasboi9 This is exactly why the storyline will fall over. Some programs struggle to keep their main characters long-term which causes them to fail but for some odd reason, HH seems to want to get rid of them all early.

  5. I find this really sad. I really enjoyed seeing a realistic homosexual couple on tv, I felt it was a step in the right direction. Caveat – I’m a straight girl, but the majority of my friends are gay (male and female). It was a joy to see the relationships I see that are so beautiful in real life being reflected on the screen. And in terms of the characters themselves – I agree with Tim – it doesn’t make sense. Unless they are going to make his character some bastard who leaves his family…? Which is so unfair and inaccurate.

    To be honest – apart from myself and my bestie and her husband – the gay relationships in my life are much more steady than the “normal” heterosexual relationships I witness. I loved that House Husbands reflected that. I don’t know if I’ll keep watching if they cheapen the commitment these men had to each other with a trite reason for leaving.

    I’ll be…

  6. As a fan of both Tim and House Husbands, I am very disappointed in this decision. It was so refreshing to see a gay couple that didn’t adhere to a stereotype, and I liked Tom and Kane as a couple – regardless of sexual persuasion – in general.

    Tim, I hope you go on to bigger and better things!

  7. This is very disappointing as I only watched House Husbands for Kane, Tom and Stella although I don’t think they ever gave this family enough air time. At least I don’t have to watch House Husbands anymore especially the Justin storylines.

    I hope we see Tim Campbell back on TV soon as he is a fantastic entertainer and host. Would love to see him have his own talk show.

  8. “Last year Campbell told TV Tonight that unlike the “Husbands” female partners, he was not part of of the show’s fulltime cast.

    “The girls might have been on full-time contracts, I don’t know, but I wasn’t,” he said.”

    Reminds me of Jonathan Harris who played Dr Smith in Lost In Space. When Irwin Allen and Fox made the first pilot it just had the Robinson Family and Dr West. CBS rejected it and told the producers they needed a villain who sabotages the mission and stows away and also a character which appealed directly to children and could be used for merchandising. Irwin Allen then introduced Dr Smith and the Robot and made a second pilot which CBS accepted and the show went into a series.

    Because Jonathan Harris wasn’t on contract as a cast member he was billed in the credits as “Special guest star”.

  9. Why are they getting rid of another partner of the House Husbands so soon? That just happened in season 2 with Nicola killed off and it wasn’t well executed at all. Now Tom will abandon his niece and leave her to be raised by his ex-partner? This will definitely be a shark-jumping development.

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