Tim Campbell written out of House Husbands

"The producers have decided at the 11th hour that Tom won't be returning," says a disappointed Tim Campbell.

Kane and TomTim Campbell’s House Husbands character, firefighter Tom, has been written out of the Nine drama.

“I now won’t be returning to House Husbands next year,” he wrote on social media.

“The producers have decided at the 11th hour that Tom won’t be returning. It was a surprise decision and, to be honest, as a fan of the show I’m disappointed that a unique TV family is no more and Tom would leave his partner and children suddenly off screen. Don’t blame me, I’m just the actor.”

Campbell has been with the series across its two seasons, as the same-sex partner of Kane, played by Gyton Grantley.

“However I do hope this means that they can now write more for Kane, who I think is a great character, and for Gyton, who I have loved working with.

“Of course I wish all of the cast and crew nothing but the success they deserve, they have truly been an absolute joy to work with.”

It’s a disappointing move for the show’s only gay couple, particularly as gay marriage is on the national agenda. But producers may well have another romance in mind for Kane.

A Nine spokesperson told News Corp there would be other cast changes.

Last year Campbell told TV Tonight that unlike the “Husbands” female partners, he was not part of of the show’s fulltime cast.

“The girls might have been on full-time contracts, I don’t know, but I wasn’t,” he said.

“I’m obviously part of the cast with a slow ease- into-it.

“Had they written two guys who were really camp or had issues with their sexuality I probably wouldn’t have taken on the role to be honest,” he said.

“What I liked about it was that you could easily substitute a heterosexual couple into the storyline and virtually have everything exactly the same. So that was something that really appealed to me.”

Campbell and his partner, singer Anthony Callea, will both appear at Nine’ Carols by Candlelight and he releases an album High School Disco in April.

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  1. I thought that having a gay couple was a brave and also an important move for the show. Australian television was coming of age and including socially acceptable gay families to a wider audience. As a gay man, I found the message quite refreshing.
    I wish Tim a great future and perhaps an even greater role to further his success.

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