Which TV channel is going ad-free for Christmas?

A Pay TV channel finds the good will spirit with free ads for charities and none on Xmas Day.

2013-12-19_0242Community TV channel Aurora has again declared Christmas day ad-free as part of their annual “12 Days of Giving” initiative.

Between December 13th to 24th Aurora is featuring Community Service Announcements for a different charity each day, with no ads on December 25.

Aurora CEO Phyllisse Stanton said, “As a community channel, we are always looking for ways to give back. Our 12 Days of Giving initiative is about bringing recognition to a range of great causes. Going ad free on Christmas Day means we can help key Australian charities boost their awareness.”

Some of the charities include OzHarvest, Faceboat, Animals Australia, National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy (NASCA) and Life Changing Experiences Foundation.

Aurora is also inviting other organisations to submit their CSAs to be part of the special Christmas Day line New Year period.

“We think it’s important to get involved in the Christmas spirit and celebrate this special time of year, and helping charities is a big part of that for Aurora,” she said.

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  1. Is Aurora also dropping their heavy reliance of 30 minute paid infomercials?

    Why aren’t all Pay TV channels commercial free like they were by law when Pay TV started back in 1995?

    Pay TV types, please don’t give me the tripe that running commercials keeps the costs down.

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