ABC Kids programming moving to multichannels

ABC1 kid's programming will move to ABC4Kids and ABC3, with programming for adults set to replace it.

2014-01-21_0000ABC1 kid’s programming will move to dedicated children’s channels ABC4Kids and ABC3, with programming for adults set to replace it.

Following the end of the analogue switch off the broadcaster will begin moving children’s programming currently screening on ABC1 to two multichannels from Sunday February 2nd.

ABC4Kids (on ABC2) will become the destination for preschool programming while ABC3 will offer school-aged programs.

Deirdre Brennan, ABC TV Head of Children’s Television said: “The uptake of digital TV has provided a unique opportunity to further strengthen our children’s destinations within the ABC TV portfolio. With fantastic programming that is now easier to find, ABC4Kids and ABC3 will continue to deliver entertaining and educational programs which preschoolers and school-aged children enjoy.”

The migration will occur in two stages –

1) From Sunday February 2: children’s programming currently screening on ABC1 on Sunday mornings and weekday afternoons will migrate to ABC4Kids and ABC3.

2) From Monday July 21: all educational programming currently screening on ABC1 weekday mornings will move to ABC3.

The changes will enable ABC1 to offer content for adults including an expanded daily edition of The Midday Report, One Plus One, ABC News: Early Edition plus drama (New Tricks, East of Everything), entertainment (Eggheads), lifestyle (Gardening Australia), arts (At The Movies) and documentary (Human Planet, Compass).

Brendan Dahill, Head of Programming, ABC1 & ABC2, said: “With digital switchover now complete we can take full advantage of the breadth of our channels to offer something for everyone during daytime. Kids will still get a full complement of programming on ABC4Kids and ABC3, whilst ABC1 will be providing general entertainment for our adult audiences and News 24 will broadcast rolling news coverage.”

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  1. It seems ABC1 syncs up with ABC4Kids from 3pm until 4:01pm, then ABC1 syncs with ABC3 from 4:08pm until 5pm. I assume it’s to ease viewers into the change, while pushing them to make the switch?

    Looking forward to seeing what daytime programming brings!

  2. Whenever I hear about channels that are predominantly for kids changing their programming at night it puts me in mind of a pay TV channel in the UK that got into a lot of trouble for doing just that.

    Apparently the channel was used by a commercial kids network during the day, which shut down in the early evening.
    After a few hours of dead air the channel would then be taken over by its other tenant, a subscription adult station, which would broadcast a few hours of teaser ads for its main channel.

    Needless to say there were quite a number of complaints from the irate parents of kids who had woken up in the middle of the night, and who had then switched on the TV in the hope of seeing their favourite cartoons…

  3. I love the decision. I also like the idea of content on ABC3 for after the kids being asleep (occasionally) . Although I wish they’d have a transparent watermark if they have to have it rather than the nightmare versions they give the kids. However I’m glad they are in more sensible locations now. Easier to cope with if I tried to watch it.

  4. What a fantastic move made by ABC. Play school were mostly played on ABC2 while they screen it at 3pm every day on abc1.
    This was similar to Nine when they shifted some children’s shows to GO!. TEN did the same when they decide to move some children’s shows to eleven due to news commitments.

  5. Unless ABC’s going to get into non-stop advertising which the commercials pass off as programs, and call it “The Studio 2 Mornings Afternoon Show Now” I can’t see any “new Australian content”, except more Parliament. Always thought cutting off Parliament for Play School at 3pm was quite funny juxta positioning. Having 3 kids’ programs on 3 channels at the same time was unacceptable. Just start New Tricks at ep.1 – but seems ABC1 may be becoming ABC24.5 – Brendan, 4:3 and B&W is OK, according to GEM. Old is new if you haven’t seen it.

  6. A good decision from the ABC.
    Flicking through the TV channels whilst on sick leave one day last year, I found that three ABC channels were showing kids shows (only ABC News 24 wasn’t). It just seemed like overkill to me.

  7. It will be strange not having kids programs anymore on the ABC’s main channel, but it did seem silly having them on there when there’s ABC2 and ABC3. I believe rage benefits from this to, as it will be finishing an hour later on Sunday mornings.

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