ABC Publicity cuts through the pack

2014-01-17_0013You’re looking at 4 shiny media kits I received this week from ABC TV Publicity for Spicks and Specks, Rake, The Broken Shore and The Moodys.

All 4 kick off a big week for the broadcaster beginning on February 2 (also joined by The Doctor Blake Mysteries and Family Confidential).

It’s rare that a network goes to such trouble to produce booklet-style media kits for their local shows anymore.

Yet ABC takes the time to produce these hard-copy booklets with glossy photos, cast and synopsis info and even gives them a different style (Spicks and Specks came in its own vinyl album cover). They also feel very nice in your hands and make for perfect coffee table reading.

The point is, in this digital age where many shows are lost in a PDF or Word attachment jungle, ABC’s approach cuts through and gets my attention.


  1. TasTVcameraman

    Way back when I was working in TV, every worthwhile show had something with publicity press kit etc.
    With these days of in house colour laser printers and glossy paper it does not take much effort to produce something worthwhile, and does not cost the earth.
    Good show ABC ! And regardless I am looking forward to most of the shows !

  2. I was waiting for someone to trot out the Taxpayers Expense!!!! line. Maybe News Corp can write an article decrying booklets? They aren’t very expensive to produce, they just require the will to do it and some forward planning.

  3. All is shows it that the ABC Publicity Department has big budgets to produce shiny media kits, all at taxpayers’ expense. I’m sure the publicity departments of the other networks would love to have the budgets to produce such material, but they’re part of commercial businesses, where dollars are spent far more frugally. Thankfully it takes more than a shiny box to convince most journalists that a show is worth writing about.

  4. just love the look of those packs… such a nice touch compared to a crappy PDF attachment. Shows the pride the network and publicity department has in the shows. A nice change. Would love to work for a section that didn’t shy away from a professional touch like that.

  5. Whatever next ..a VHS preview tape? It may get your attention but it doesn’t make the 4 shows any better and surely wouldn’t influence your judgement when doing a review. The publicity dept clearly has money to burn.

    • Does not influence Review, but as the headline suggests it sure elevates what you choose to write about through all the clutter (including as features) because it sits on your desk with some pride. I doubt I am alone in that regard. This would thus make them money well spent.

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