Airdate: Coastwatch Oz

2014-01-21_1457Next week Seven premieres a new observational series, Coastwatch Oz.

This is a local version of the New Zealand series.

It will follow on from a double episode of Home and Away on Thursday night.

Poachers claim it’s their right to steal as an abalone bust in Batemans Bay threatens to turn violent.

Fisheries Officers stake the men out for hours, concerned their targets may be part of an illegal syndicate. When the men finally get back to their cars with their haul, they‟re confronted by the officers.

But rather than concern at being caught, the men are furious and not afraid to let Fisheries know it.

There’s even more drama out at sea when a boat with two men and two boys on board sinks in less than a minute. Water police in Balmain need to find them urgently – can they get there in time to save four precious lives?

A man enrages boat owners on a private jetty. Police turn up and want him to leave but the big question is whether he‟ll move on peacefully. And Fisheries Officers are alarmed to find a group of campers who deny all wrongdoing – but one of them has broken a serious law.

8:00pm Thursday January 30 on Seven.


  1. Aussie_Austridge

    I hope this program succeeds but it looks like observational shows are on the outer at Seven. Border Security wasn’t shown during ratings last year and was shown over summer. Coastwatch Oz was originally supposed to screen last year and has been held over until this year. I’m surprised it is being shown on the main channel and not 7mate. A pity, because I’d much rather see shows like this rather than the much-hyped MKR featuring the twins with half a brain. And if I see that promo once more I’ll scream!

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