Airdate: Escape to the Continent

2014-01-28_1241Escape to the Country is a well known and loved title, but next month The Lifestyle Channel premieres BBC’s Escape to the Continent, as house hunters seek a new lifestyle in Europe.

Of course, there’s the slight problem of the economy in quite a few countries….

Building on the hugely successful Escape To The Country franchise, viewers are now able to explore further afield with this brand new series. Whether it’s a Greek island, Spanish beach or an Italian hill town, Escape To The Continent will go in search of the perfect new home for those seeking to make a life abroad. Escape to the Continent will offer an insight into life living overseas – from competitively priced homes, stunning locations, employment openings and leisure opportunities as well as a dose of reality on issues such as property law, local taxation and healthcare.

Sundays from February 2 at 8.30pm on Lifestyle.

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  1. Today as I try to record for this Sunday – 2nd Feb, but alas, I couldn’t find it in the tv guide, instead it’s showing ‘Phil spencer – Secret Agent’. Very annoy with Foxtel, They always changed the show or time or date. I find it always on Lifestyle Channel that is either the wrong show or different date.
    Fed up!!!

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