Airdate: Falcón

2013-12-29_1432SBS premieres a new crime series next week, Falcón, based on the books by Robert Wilson.

This 4-part 2012 UK series is based on The Blind Man Of Seville and The Silent And The Damned, and was filmd in Seville, Spain.

At the centre of the story is the towering character of Javier Falcón (Marton Csokas), a recently divorced police detective who holds the rank of Chief Inspector. The four-part drama follows Falcón into a series of compelling crime investigations. The stories are about the collision of worlds: the old and the new; the corrupt and the honourable; the seductive glamour of the traditional city of Seville, a character in its own right, at odds with its murky, criminal, 21st century underbelly. Lies are unravelled as hidden histories of family, city and country are exposed.

Episode One – The Blind Man of Seville (Part 1)
Detective Javier Falcón investigates the murder of Carlos Jimenez, the rich and powerful owner of a chain of restaurants in Seville. Jimenez’s second wife, Consuelo, stands to gain financially from his death and Falcón’s colleague, Jose Ramirez, is convinced she’s the number one suspect, but Falcón isn’t so sure. Jimenez also had three children by his first wife and one of them, Arturo, was kidnapped as a child and never returned. The loss of Arturo caused Carlos Jimenez’s first wife to take her own life which haunted him for the rest of his. Falcón becomes convinced that Arturo is key.

Thursday, 9 January at 8.30pm on SBS ONE.

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