Airdate: Hoopla Doopla!

Hoopla Doopla!New preschoolers series Hoopla Doopla! begins on ABC4KIDS early next month, with an Australian / Chinese cast.

The 52 x 12 minute live-action, non-verbal comedy series was  created in Australia, and shot at a huge 2250 square metre Zhou Zhou studio, just outside of Beijing, as a co-production with China Central Television (CCTV).

The production features a cast and production team from both countries, including an Australian and Chinese director.

Hoopla Doopla! is an entertaining and unique live action television series, created for preschool children using physical action and comedy to drive each story. The six extraordinary characters, each with their own amazing physical skill; tumble, juggle, leap and somersault in and out of trouble. 

However, whenever anything goes wrong – and it usually does – they always have each other to fall back on.

All six characters live in their own special house in the colourful town of Hoopla.

Monday 10 February at 10:10am on ABC4KIDS.

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