Airdate: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Comedy Channel will now air Jimmy Fallon express from the US.

2014-01-30_1122I had originally posted that The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon would air from February 25 but the Comedy Channel has now brought the date forward to February 18, express from the US, with the correct title being The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

In 2009 Jimmy Fallon continued the Late Night legacy started by David Letterman and Conan O’Brien premieringLate Night with Jimmy Fallon on The Comedy Channel. Fast forward five years and now he’s taking the reins ofThe Tonight Show institution, previously led by television royalty Johnny Carson and Jay Leno.

With house band “The Roots” and Executive Producer Josh Lieb making the journey across from Late Night toThe Tonight Show the team are set to continue to deliver a stand out talk show with top celebrity guests, hilarious sketch comedy, and the very best in contemporary music. The premiere episode features movie star Will Smith as the first celebrity guest and U2 as the musical act.

The show will also return to its heritage in New York City after more than 40 years based in Los Angeles.

When asked about the move Fallon commented, “It started in New York. Why not bring it back to New York? It’s just a beautiful city and when I think of New York, I think of night-time, I think of the lights, Times Square, Broadway, the nightlife, the excitement, and the glitz and glamour of everything that is The Tonight Show. Booking-wise, it’s never been a problem for us. We’ve had the President of the United States on our show and you can’t get bigger than that.”

Fallon will also bring the upbeat tone of his Late Night show to The Tonight Show, which will be a throwback to the show’s early days.

Fallon continues, “When Steve Allen and Johnny Carson invented The Tonight Show it was all about being fun, silly and goofy, because that’s what it should be. The show should make everyone laugh – that’s our job.”

Tuesday February 18 at 11pm on The Comedy Channel.

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  1. i know this is about jimmy fallon but GO has stopped airing Conan O’Brien what happen to it? Conon is hilarious its pretty much the only good thing on the channel besides tmz,extra,the middle

  2. That’s good, seeing as our Tuesday is Monday US time, that means the show will be about 7.5 hours behind the US (it shows at 11:30pm Mon in the US and that is 3:30pm Tues Aust time while we have Daylight Saving).

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