Brynne Edelsten, Lara Bingle quit and cause headlines.

brynn-gObservational TV stars Brynne Edelsten and Lara Bingle are creating headlines once again as their personal lives are thrust back into the spotlight.

Edelsten, who featured in Brynne: My Bedazzled Life and Dancing with the Stars, has announced the end of her marriage to millionaire Geoffrey Edelsten.

The announcement follows Geoffrey Edelsten filing for bankruptcy in the US, but magazines have speculated the devastated couple were unable to move beyond his flirtation with another woman nearly two years ago.

Brynne Edelsten is understood to want to remain in Melbourne and will appear in a second series of Seven’s  My Bedazzled Life this year.

Meanwhile Lara Bingle, who featured in TEN’s Being Lara Bingle, has declared she will quit Australia following ongoing paparazzi coverage with boyfriend, actor Sam Worthington.

“Sydney’s my home but I don’t like it,” she told a Woman’s Day photographer last week. “I can’t even go to the supermarket without getting papped. I don’t like the attention.

“Sam hates it,” she added. “We don’t get any peace.”

However the couple recently made public intimate photos on social media, which is at odds with their latest remarks.

Bingle was also the face of a successful Australian Tourism ad campaign, “Where the bloody hell are you?”



  1. Melbourne’s The Age didn’t even mention either story, that’s how important it all is.

    But then, The Age is getting skinnier and skinnier … guess there wasn’t room.

  2. So im guessing no more Brynne at the brownlow now she doesnt have have a reason to be there.

    I dont think Lara will be missed. Ironic that she complains about the media but her and her boyfriend dont mind putting photos of themselves on social media.

  3. Aussie_Austridge

    Certainly Nine is downplaying the Edelsten breakup as much as possible – the last story before the sport in a one hour news bulletin. Certainly a lot different to the fulsome, over the top coverage they gave to their wedding five years ago when they had the exclusive rights. Almost all Today was devoted to it as well as large chunks of their news throughout the day. I actually phoned them telling them to stop it as nobody was interested but they still put a long and gushing report onto A Current Affair.

    As for Lara Bingle, she seems to subscribe to the “Look at me, look at me!” philosophy but gets upset when the paps take up the bait. Witness what happened when Being Lara Bingle was being filmed and the street outside her Bondi unit was crawling with paps. She paraded herself in the nude on the balcony and reacted like a delicate flower when the pics circulated on the Net. As…

  4. Bingle has always tried to exploit the limelight when it suits her,and she can control it and profit from it. Being followed and photographed every-time you get milk is the downside of that.

    I doubt moving from Sydney to LA the home of TMZ would make a difference.

    There are celebrities who do their required PR, have stable relationships, don’t take drugs, wear underwear, avoid nightclubs and live normal lives and are not bothered by the paparazzi because they are too boring, but I don’t think that is Laura.

  5. Now we wait for , who she is dating, who she is at a function with, Current Affair, Today Tonight interviews….By the way who though this was ever going to last?

  6. So sick of reading about these “augmented” “stars”. But what am I doing, reading about them. “Look at me”/”Don’t look at me”. And “millionaire Geoffrey” has filed for bankruptcy yet again. Ugh x 2.

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