Farewell Hostages?

You don't have to be a network programmer to know that tonight will be the last-ever episode of Hostages.

2014-01-15_0049You don’t have to be a network programmer to know that tonight will, in all likelihood, be the last-ever episode of Hostages.

Officially the show has not been axed.

But in the US, where it wrapped its initial 13 episode run last week, it has bombed big time.

In Australia the show has also failed.

Check it out at 8:30 pm tonight on Nine if you’re still hanging in there.

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  1. I’ve just watched the last episode – I’m not sure why some are saying that it ended on a cliffhanger (I was worried it would, after reading the comments here), because everything was completely tied up. This makes it very clear that the writers were given the opportunity to write a full season with a proper ending.

  2. Silly question but according to wiki there were 15 eps, with eps 14/15 airing Jan 6.

    I agree it was a show with talent but the idea was limiting, could have been done in a mini series and compacted to 2 or 3 movie length parts.

  3. I’m with you carolemorrissey…good drama shows never seem to be given the air to breathe and let an audience build which Hostages has done nicely but when I’m hooked on a show I at least want to see a pay off so thanx Ch 9 for at least giving us a finale of sorts..will this make way for Arrow hopefully ?

  4. no show in its first season should ever end on a cliffhanger!! it’s like they are saying they are immune to getting the axe, that they are confident they will continue on past a first season. at least see how popular the ratings are first, they only film a couple months in advance anyway.

  5. I don’t know why there is so much hating on Hostages, I think it’s a great show, I’m on the edge of my seat every episode. And Toni Collette is excellent in it. I thought it was renewed for another season. Oh well we’ll just have to wait & see. Just hope it doesn’t end with a cliffhanger if it’s not renewed, that is soooooooo frustrating. It’s happened to me with Alcatraz, The Event & Flashforward.

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