Gone: Pysch

2014-01-09_2132ONE has pulled new episodes of Psych from its schedule, effective immediately. That probably makes it the first show of 2014 to disappear from schedules.

The show was airing at 8:30pm on Thursday nights.

Last night ONE played “In For a Penny” S6 E7. In the US the show is into its eighth season.

Next week ONE has repeats of Fast Forward, the Aussie sketch series produced for Seven in the late 1980s.

Ratings for the show weren’t anything special, just 41,000 last week.

But then it’s a multichannel in summer -not sure what it was expected to deliver…


  1. Have to agree, this is a strange move by TEN, especially with so many episodes in the vault. Would have actually made a good double with White Collar on Wednesdays (at 8:30pm instead of 2 x SVU episodes).

    41,000 is a pretty good figure I would think for a ONE Show, if I have looked the figures right, Blue Bloods wasn’t doing much better before being moved over to TEN.

  2. No real surprises, Ten are hopeless at programming and have been for a number of years now. The only actual surprise is how they don’t understand why this kind of thing is one of the reasons they’re doing so poorly.

    It’s as if they’ve given up and actually want us to download.

  3. Nice timing by TEN, just when the 8th Season starts in the US and Psych wins the Peoples Choice Award for Best Comedy on Cable…ah well guess the dullards at TEN couldn’t work out they could use that win to advertise it.

  4. Will the last person left at ONE please turn the lights out.
    Is anyone actually in charge of programming?
    They’ve sat on this series since they converted ONE from a 24 hrs sports channel to whatever it is currently supposed to be (no idea, any takers for what market they’re after), now they wonder why it doesn’t rate when they sandwich it at 8.30 between a 40th repeat of Whose Line and a 20th repeat of An Idiot Abroad.
    I’m surprised it hasn’t been replaced by Cops, MASH or Get Smart though!

  5. They wouldn’t have been able to finish the season because of Sochi anyway.

    Universal are showing S3 & S5 of Psych

    Seven haven’t put Royal Pains back on after they dumped it either.

  6. Does TV broadcast have any influence on DVD release dates in the modern era? Or are they past waiting for a season to air on FTA before the DVD comes out?

  7. A multi channel in summer showing a program which is two years old and available by multiple other means before hand. I’d say its down to slack programming in 2011/12.

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