Leila McKinnon to host Inside Story

Leila McKinnon will host Nine's new current affairs show, joined by 3 reporters.

Inside StoryLeila McKinnon will host Nine’s new current affairs show, Inside Story.

Reporters will include Tom Steinfort, Alicia Loxley and Peter Stefanovic.

The show will cover themed topics, such as real life crimes, human dramas, adventures, mysteries and medical miracles, with reporters talking to McKinnon in a studio.

It is also planning exposes and investigations to attract headlines.

The first episode is expected to look at supposed victims of crime who were covering up their own deeds.

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  1. How exactly will this fit into channel 9’s line up of news? Unless ACA is on it’s way out (hopefully).
    This is a pretty risky move, considering last years failures of “The Truth Is” & “Revealed” on channel 10. Just because it’s a different channel, doesn’t mean we’ll all suddenly tune in.

  2. How many more current affairs programmes are we going to get on TV this sounds as boring as ACA, why is it channel 9 can only survive on these types of programmes or repeats, that’s all they seem to have on all day. So over it, don’t they have anything else worth showing?

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