Mike Munro joins TEN Eyewitness News

2014-01-27_2358Former Seven and Nine newsman Mike Munro has signed with Network TEN to front its national weekend bulletin.

Munro, 61, was enticed back ro television by TEN CEO Hamish McLennan and Sydney news director John Choueifate.

“It’s an exciting time – Hamish is fair dinkum about making a mark against Nine and Seven and he’s bringing in experienced people,” Munro told News Corp.

“It will be a challenge but that’s what I love and we all know free-to-air television is here for a long time to come,” Munro said.

Munro initially took ‘early retirement’ from Nine in 2008 after 22 years with the network, before resurfacing with Seven in 2009. He departed in 2012.

He begins on February 9th.

Former Seven News director Peter Meakin also begins at TEN on February 17.


  1. My hope is Ch10/Sth Cross show the Sat/Sunday Eyewitness News. Too often on the w/ends because a previous program (sport) goes overtime they drop or don’t show the News.

    It happened at least twice in 2013 and in previous years. I thought they had to broadcast the news to get the broadcast points needed to be allowed to be on the air?

    Also, would love to watch my Qld news, even if from Syd, in real time, not 1hr delayed during DST.

  2. A lot of people think Sandra Sully will go back to the Late News. Why? There isn’t any sign of the Late News even coming back at all yet. Maybe they’re waiting till after the Olympics. And why would Sandra want to go back to the graveyard shift anyway? Been there, done that.

  3. Ten sack two of the most experiences male newsreaders in the business and now hire Munro?
    Should Sandra Sully be concerned? With Chris Bath getting shafted because audiences apparently prefer males reading the news (I am certainly not one of them, give me Bath or Sully anyday) is Munro’s appointment a sign he could take over weekdays in the future?

    As long as Sandra returned to Late News and continued hosting Wanted, I could cope.

  4. I like to know why Perth ten news sport weather comes from Sydney on weekend. I understand in the east because it a national news sport weather but Perth is local version so why come from Sydney.

  5. Apologies David.
    There is no way Peter Meakin would have ever spoken to anyone at 10 before he starts, let alone suggest hiring/firing so that people he likes and approves of are in place when his tenure begins.
    His loyalties would still be very much with 7.

  6. I really disliked Munro as a newsreader when he was on Nine weekends a few years ago. His tone and expression is all wrong, so I won’t be watching. The Ten weekend bulletin is a mess anyway, so no great loss.

  7. @IheartABC Why wouldn’t Peter Meakin respect Adam Boland? They worked together at Channel 7. What a ridiculous suggestion he would get him fired! Adam quit because of health issues.

  8. Nice little part time job for Munsie.
    Looks like Peter Meakin is getting a few of his old mates from the glory days at 9 on board e.g. Munro and Steve Wood … and getting rid of the people he doesn’t respect – e.g . Adam Boland.

    Trouble is 10 is still a basket case. Programming blunders will continue into the foreseeable future and the current stable of programs does not really set the house on fire ergo Biggest Loser.

    • Meakin has not started at TEN nor even met the Programming Director, so he could not have gotten rid of Adam Boland. Even consulting earlier would be a breach of his Seven contract. The reasons for Adam Boland’s exit are well documented, thanks.

  9. What a bit on confusion here on Ten Eyewitness News. Firstly last November, TEN has dumped Natasha Exelby for its Eyewitness news, now Hamish McDonald has moved to ABC (USA).
    On the other side, Mike Munro has had lots of experience with television presenter for many years. Firstly he joined Nine, hen joined Sunday Night and now he will be joining TEN.

  10. Mike will be a great asset to Ten’s News Team. He is well respected, is well known and was never really given the support at 7 or 9 to grow. They switched him from one show to the next. Mike will gain some respect for 10 however would have been better to ditch Quartermaine to weekends and put Mike on during the week. Mel Walden and Quartermaine were over it three or more years ago and Ten did itself a disservice by keeping them on. Networks need passionate, caring, trustworthy and warm readers who show support and love for the Melbourne community and viewers. Not many left these days.

  11. Ten seem to lose all their great talent to Nine and Seven, then try to rebuild their credibility by getting people at the twilight of their career. Just saw Rob Canning on Nine this week another great person Ten let go along with Deborah Knight etc.

  12. “It will be a challenge but that’s what I love and we all know free-to-air television is here for a long time to come,” Thanks Mike now I have coffee on my screen from spitting it all over after reading that line.
    FTA my be in the eyes of the older generation a entity that will be around for a long time, but I can guarantee a lot of the younger generation who would disagree with this. As television audiences diminishes more and more I would say that the FTA networks especially 7 and 9 need to treat the audiences that they do have with a little more respect.

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