New theme for Seven News

Seven News yesterday introduced a new theme for its bulletins around the country, presumably as part of its push to refresh the brand.

While we’re on the subject here are some of the network’s former news themes.

A remixed version of The Mission by John Williams, used in various versions since 1999.

The news theme for Seven National News in Melbourne and Adelaide and for radio station 3DB from 1970-1983.

Brisbane 1983:


  1. Great to hear The Mission theme back tonight. Good work 7 News.
    Don’t know what they were thinking with that rubbish they introduced Monday night.

  2. Just noticed 7 News Melbourne newsreader Peter Mitchell posted this on Twitter today: “Yes, we’ve listened to our viewers and tonight our theme music returns!”

    It seems viewers were not liking the new theme music

  3. David… the NBC/Mission news theme has been used by Seven since 1988. Not 1999 as you stated.

    New theme is an embarrassing melange of 1970s local news themes, and an awful attempt at John Williams-esque orchestration. Totally unmemorable.

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