Nine to premiere Sherlock in Perth

2014-01-09_2216Is this a first?

Perhaps it is for Perth viewers, who will see Sherlock on Nine before the rest of the country.

The third season is set to premiere on STW Perth on Sunday January 19th and continues Sunday January 26 and February 2nd.

Nine Perth Managing Director David Mott explained to TV Tonight, this is due to the One Day cricket concluding at around 10pm east coast time but 7pm in WA.

“Rather than run a repeat movie in Perth when the cricket concludes we thought we would showcase this outstanding series in prime time leading into the 2014 survey year. It will also assist in the ability to promote other key series such as the brilliant Love Child, Fat Tony, Schapelle and The Block,” he said.

Sherlock will premiere at a later date yet to be advised on the other Nine Network stations.”

It’s certainly a rare programming move, but indicative than Nine is looking at opportunities to win over Perth viewers. During non-ratings it seems Nine can afford a little indulgence for community goodwill.


  1. Interesting. I don’t mind. I was planning on watching Foyle’s War that night unless something stops it. Or the ABC decides to do something to this week’s episode. I really hope not.

    Whenever they plan on playing Sherlock. I look forward to it. Thank you to David and Nine for this news and development.

  2. Perth viewers would think that Sherlock will screen earlier than the central and Eastern Australia. How good will this be for Perth viewers! At least Nine Perth will have more fast tracked shows from the UK and the US.

  3. @carolemorrissey
    Sherlock would get less than half the ratings on Gem or Go!, and those viewers would largely be taken away from the cricket.

    Nine are trying to reduce the gap to Seven in Perth now that they have taken over the station. That is why they are prepared to use Sherlock out of ratings to boost their Sunday nights.

    In other states they can use the cricket at 8:30pm Sunday.

  4. It’s probably possibly for people to avoid spoilers / reviews from the internet at large, but I suspect it’s much harder to avoid them from family / friends / media within the same country.

    Can’t help but think this’ll hurt their east coast figures. I do not see this as a bad thing though…

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