Renewed: Wonderland

WonderlandNetwork TEN has renewed its newest drama series Wonderland for a second season.

The ensemble cast including Brooke Satchwell, Michael Dorman, Peter Phelps and Tracy Mann will return before the cameras in Sydney in late March.

The renewal for the series about four young Australian couples is in addition to 9 remaining episodes from Season One which are yet to play out.

The Fremantle-produced drama which premiered last year received mostly positive reviews while a TEN statement says it ranked number one in its timeslot for people aged 25 to 54.

TEN Head of Drama, Rick Maier, said: “All power to the cast and crew who delivered such a fun show for us last year. We are looking forward to more stories of love, lust and intrigue from the busiest and most romantic block of flats in the country.”

Jo Porter, Director of Drama at FremantleMedia Australia, said: “We will be building on the strengths of the warmth, romance and humour of our Wonderland residents. In season two viewers will share unexpected twists and turns, fast-paced storylines and dramatic cliff hangers that will test all our characters.

“We are looking forward to viewers getting to know Australia’s favourite flatmates even better as they face love affairs, break-ups and revelations of deep secrets within the Wonderland building. We all can’t wait to get started.

TEN’s local drama slate for 2014 already includes Offspring, Puberty Blues, Secrets and Lies, Party Tricks and, on ELEVEN, Neighbours.



  1. What an atrocious show and a waste of money by Ten.

    To think they’ve obviously got a cracking show from Hoodlum coming up and have had a few hits (for them) from Southern Star, that you’d throw money at this one as opposed to potentially creating something from someone good…

    They surely didn’t commission another 22?!

  2. I actually am starting to like this show good storylines and cast also shows really nice views of Sydney much prefer this than winners and loosers a good job done by ten.

  3. carolemorrissey

    I thought the final season of The Secret Life of Us had aired eventually. Though a lot of the originals had left by then and a bunch of new people were in it so it was pretty unrecognisable by then.

  4. I never really gave it a chance….as it appeared too much like a prime time Home and Away…..too soapy.

    “The Secret Lives of Us” had more diversity…in respect to cast, location and script.

    What ever happened to the final season of “Secret Lives of Us” that never went to air…does anybody know?

  5. Neighbours was axed by seven then picked up by ten and almost axed again but they stuck with it and look what happened and i think home and away took a while to get going so it can happen

  6. The final episode that aired last year was good. If there are more episodes like that then I will keep watching. Sometimes shows just take time to build. I do think winners and losers is better than wonderland.

  7. I clicked on this article expecting to see a lot of polarised comment- and I wasn’t disappointed! I’m looking forward to the end of the year to see who will be grinning like a Cheshire cat.

  8. carolemorrissey

    Like a couple of others have pointed out, I am just glad a network is giving a show a decent go and not just axing it like so many others have done. There’s been so many shows in the past I have liked that have been axed without being given a decent go.

  9. Wonderland was great… really enjoyed watching it so this is fantastic news! Obviously not as great as House Husbands, Offspring, Winners & Losers and Puberty Blues but it is almost there.

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