Returning: Home and Away

2014-01-20_0147Home and Away returns to screens at 7pm next Monday night, putting to an end speculation that Seven might have launched My Kitchen Rules in an earlier timeslot.

A timeslot for the cooking show is expected to be confirmed today.

Summer Bay fans will finally get to find out who survived the cliffhanger bomb -although cast member Johnny Ruffo tweeting photos of cast in make-up probably didn’t help.

In the aftermath of the explosion, Heath, Bianca, Ricky, Nate and Irene lie unconscious on the floor. Who won’t survive? Kyle wakes to find himself trapped in the shipping container with the twins and Harvey has returned but what happened to him and how did he get back?

Returns 7pm Monday January 27 on Seven.



  1. omg i cant wait for home and away i think that Bianca or Ricky will not survive because when the bomb went off Bianca was closest but then Ricky’s bed fell backwards and slammed onto the wall i mean she was pregnant who could survive well now i dont think that it was Bianca because i bet the bad teacher has more install for her.

  2. i’ll put my prediction on the record that it is heath. judging from the lack of on-set references on his instagram in the last few months. and I think I remember rumours that he was leaving, the rumours disappeared around the time this episode would have been filmed. but well done on H&A for keeping something a secret.

  3. I figured it would be the twins father, just after it happened. Even though Seven make a big deal about it, like it’s going to be a major character. Dodgy tactics, from a station full of dodgy tactics.

  4. David you need to see the preview ad. If i remember correctly 6 or 7 people could be the one that dies and the ad shows at least 4 or 5 alive and kicking. Whether it be in London or in Summer Bay after the blast. Just plain idiotic imo.

  5. @David – No they haven’t shown us Bianca, Heath or Ricky in the London promos, but we have all seen pics and they made the announcement late last year when they were first going to London that Lisa Gormley (Bianca), Dan Ewing (Heath) and Bonnie Sevenson (Ricky) are all involved in the London storyline. So since we know this we all know that those three aren’t the ones that going to die. Lynne McGranger (Irene) has signed a three year contract recently so it aint her. That just leaves Ethan (don’t know who plays him), Nate (pretty certain he has been seen filming) and Montgomery (Tasma Walton) who is only a guest, but we see her walking away at the end and unless she just drops dead on the side of the road then it really just leaves Ethan. The twins & Kyle will be rescued.

  6. Ethan will die, It’s obvious. He’s the only one that knows where the twins/kyle are. It will be a rush to save the twins/kyle but Ethan won’t make it. We saw him in a bad way after the 2013 finale.

  7. Well we all know Ricky Bianca and Heath survive because in the london promos they show them there and the actors tweeted about it. Also a magazine did an article on why they are there.

  8. Seven ran ads for H&A at 7pm and MKR for 7:30pm next Monday on Saturday afternoon during the Tennis. At 8:52pm they showed promos with those times on. So it looks like they made the final decision then.

    They still haven’t replaced the TBAs in the the EPG though.

    They also started promoting DA for after the tennis adding it to Revenge and INXS as possible Sunday and Monday night dramas. Plus The Blacklist which they have been repeating and promoting heavily, but with no information about when it might be on.

  9. They should recast Johnny Ruffo’s role with a piece of driftwood they find on Palm Beach. This would be much cheaper and i doubt anyone would notice the difference.

    Also, knowing H&A whoever dies in the blast probably isn’t a main character.

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