Returning: Revenge. Bumped: Chicago Fire, Suits.

2014-01-27_2120Season Three of Revenge begins on Seven next week.

It airs from 8:45pm Monday. Chicago Fire moves to a double episode at 9:45pm and Suits to 11:40pm.

The summer season kicks off in The Hamptons as Emily Thorne’s course of revenge is renewed and set against an unexpected timeline. Meanwhile the return of Victoria Grayson’s son brings changes and complications to the all-powerful family. And a glimpse into the future shows that the wedding of the century may lead to Emily’s ultimate demise.

With new episodes of The Blacklist already underway in the US, don’t be surprised if the show resumes elsewhere, probably on Wednesday nights.


  1. Ha! I don’t watch Revenge, but I do watch Chicago Fire. This move actually makes it easier for me to watch Shapelle. Shhh, don’t tell 7. From their stupid start times, they don’t seem to like to make things easier for viewers.

  2. Re: Revenge. @Rayne. Agree with you totally. @Pertinax. Yes pushing back to 9.30 was frustrating for viewers. I wish 7 valued their non-reality viewers. I’m already predicting they will push it back when it suits them.

  3. It’s now almost Wednesday afternoon and Channel 7 have finally updated the EPG for these shows which were announced days ago and listed their lineup for next week. They are running 90m MKRs for Tue & Wed this week.

    Channel 9 are still keeping their pre-ratings Monday night lineup a secret.

    And then we can play the game all over again while we try to discover exactly what Ten are doing with Sochi and what Seven and Nine are doing with the shows they have been promoting all summer.

    DA has gone from “after the tennis” to “coming soon” while The Blacklist and INXS have changed to “on 7”. Does that mean the DA will be on earlier or later than the other two?

    All Nines dramas have changed to “On Nine in 2014” and all they will say is in The first quarter of the year.

  4. Seven will hang off The Blacklist for at least another month yet I would think, it just aired it’s 3rd episode of the continued 1st season in the US tonight and will be off for 4 weeks because of the Winter Olympics (unless 7 decide to play the 3 starting next week and then go fast-tracked with the rest).

  5. They’re wasting Chicago Fire by running double eps its a good show that gets stronger as it goes along, it could really build a strong audience for them if they put it in a good timeslot and leave it there,

  6. They weren’t ever going to run Chicago Fire at 8:45pm Mondays.

    Seven need to show DA and A Place to Call Home, two top rating dramas, on Sunday nights. And presumably INXS as well.

    Revenge is in its 3rd season and its ratings dropped to 700k when S2 had a slump in the middle and Seven stuffed its timeslot around pushing to as late as 9:30pm.

    If Revenge doesn’t rate well next Monday 7 can bump it and put The Blacklist on. If Revenge rates over 1m they will have to make decisions.

  7. The Seven Network Sunday ratings have been a foremost concern. They should move “Revenge” to 8:30pm Sunday night where it duly belongs and leave “The Blacklist” in its current 8:30pm Monday timeslot.

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