Returning: The Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls.

2014-01-21_2331US comedies return to Nine in new episodes next Tuesday night.

The Big Bang Theory plays a new episode at 8:30pm (cheekily promoted as a “new season” but it’s actually S7E7) with guests Bob Newhart and Bill Nye.

“The Proton Displacement”
Sheldon feels slighted when Professor Proton seeks advice from Leonard instead of him, and he seeks revenge by befriending a rival science TV host, Bill Nye. Meanwhile, Raj gets jealous when Howard crashes girls night.

A repeat ep plays at 9pm.

Two Broke Girls screens a new episode at 9:30pm

“And The First Day Of School”
Max attempts to make a good impression on her first day of pastry school, but finds the class clown Deke to be extremely distracting — and intriguing. Meanwhile, Caroline dresses to impress Max’s handsome teacher, Nicolas.

A repeat ep screens at 10pm followed by a repeat of Two and a Half Men.


  1. carolemorrissey

    Yeah I’m really looking forward to Mom too. I seen bits of it on ET and it looks really funny. I’m hoping we’ll get the new Kirstey Alley comedy, everyone raves about it on Twitter.

  2. So they are doing new then repeat, new then repeat. I saw 2.5 men at 10:30 with 2 eps. Not sure if one is new then repeat. David, could you find out please. Also why new and repeat seems they are trying to drag out the night

  3. @bazza I will be recording nine from 7:30 anyway that night so I can watch MKR live. This way I bypass TBBT repeat. Making the the whole night new episodes is better than putting a repeat in the middle. Just watch the audience drop off when the ratings come out next week

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