Returning: The Biggest Loser

2014-01-08_2007The Biggest Loser returns to TEN in less than two week’s time, premiering at 6:30pm Sunday, January 19th.

Dubbed “Challenge Australia” the ninth season tackles obesity across an entire community in the Victorian town of Ararat, one of Australia’s most overweight towns.

It’s very early to be kicking off the new season given ratings don’t resume until February 9th. Last year the show began in mid-March. In 2011 it premiered on January 30 and in 2012 on January 23.

TEN has already scheduled episode two for 7:30pm Monday January 20, meaning audiences are likely to face a three-way Reality TV battle shortly.

Under the guidance of our trainers Michelle, Shannan and Commando, the new series will focus on the people of the town as they change their old habits and work hard to achieving their weight loss goals.

At the same time, 14 Ararat residents who have been selected as town champions get the opportunity to train and compete in The Biggest Loser house with the aim of raising money which will contribute to a healthy living legacy for their home town.

Tune in for what promises to be a compelling year of twists and turns, heroic challenges, high emotion and gripping events as we witness an entire community changing for the better.

Sunday, January 19 at 6.30pm on TEN


  1. I’m not sure why shows such as X Factor and So You Think You Can Dance are labelled as reality and ridiculed ? Aren’t they just updated versions of talent shows like New Faces and Pot Of Gold ?
    Anyway, there’s enough room for all types of tv and the last few years have produced some great Aussie dramas.

  2. @William: Clearly I am in the minority who prefer a good scripted drama to the contrived “reality” of reality television. I actually don’t know why so many people watch them. I find them boring in the extreme.
    Being in the “older” demographic may have something to do with it 🙂

  3. Channel TEN has reality shows – The Biggest Loser, Masterchef Australia, So You Think You Can Dance Australia, and Come Date With Me. With more reality on the cards for TEN, this channel will be a massive overkill.

  4. @Rayne – so MKR, The X Factor, The Voice and The Block are all ‘realities’, then explain the ratings why they were so large and yet people continue to watch these shows. It seems people want shows like I listed above.

  5. Ten needs to establish its early evening lineup before MKR and The Block start. Ten has not scheduled any BBL games for Monday nights.
    They would have to stick with the News and The Project (games themed) during Sochi.

    They will probably put highlights of major events later in prime time leading into to the live afternoon and evening events including finals which will be on after 9:30pm here.

    Ten doesn’t have night time programming to worry about. Elementary only rates 600k and Under The Dome and Offspring are on later in the year.

    In the morning that will have the end of events plus highlights of what happened overnight. Putting those on One and Ten will probably help them more in disrupting viewing of 7&9’s morning lineups, rather than worrying about Wake-ups nonexistent momentum.

  6. I think it’s a good idea starting it early, I for one will not be watching any Tennis, and it’ll be nice to have something interesting on the other channel.

    I will be switching when the Block starts though 😉

  7. Looking forward to this. Hopefully Ten pair it with new Modern Family and new Elementary as well to relaunch their Super Sunday for 2014.

    Perhaps the whole town aspect may give the show a bit more broad appeal. Unfortunately I think it will still struggle against The Block and MKR when they kick off.

    Also will be interesting to see what Ten will do with the show when the Winter Olympics kick off in early February.

  8. Something to watch! Happy its starting early. And at 6.30 is a good timeslot as most things start at 7.30 so nothing should clash with it (at least for a few weeks anyways)

  9. I really like the concept of this years BL – it has a lot of “Aussie appeal” – our most overweight town, etc. And it’s in the country, so we can all feel better that the title does not belong to us!

    Good idea to start it early but we all know it will get hammered by the tennis and My Kitchen Rules – possibly even The Block, if Nine bring it back early.

    As you said yesterday David, my hope is that Ten have the smarts to quickly reimagine the show as a M-F strip 7pm strip. As Nine’s 6pm / 7pm ACA was only just revealed, perhaps Ten have not had time to get their A-game on – but they should do this at the start of ratings.

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