Returning: Winners and Losers, Parenthood, Chicago Fire, Scandal.

Ep 58-17 Jenny returnsA number of Seven brands return to screens next Tuesday night.

Keep your eye on start times over subsequent weeks, as it may shift a little.

9:10pm Chicago Fire
“God Has Spoken / Under The Knife” (dbl ep)
Eaten up by his guilt over Flaco’s death in the fire, Cruz goes to Casey to confess and Casey is caught in the middle of a family conflict. Elsewhere, Herrmann finds a business deal hard to stomach. Then, Severide finally addresses Chief Boden about his injury and Dawson discovers a young girl who is the sole survivor at the scene of a rescue call.

8:45pm Winners and Losers
“The Wake Up Call”
As Zach lies in a coma, Frances’ need for answers leads to a shock revelation. Jenny’s home from 10 days in the US. Her family are expecting her to crumble in the wake of the wedding cancellation, but Jenny maintains she’s fine. She’s had an epiphany while she was away and is turning a corner in her life. Bec is asked out on a date by hot biker, Jason. Sophie continues to hide her assault from her friends, but Flynn pushes her to confide in them. Meanwhile, Sam is confronted by her feelings for Flynn.

9:45pm Parenthood
“It Has To Be Now”
Jasmine and Crosby’s unnamed newborn causes quite a stir in their house and serves as a Braverman family magnet. Adam and Kristina reset their life after her cancer ordeal while, Joel and Julia face personal and professional challenges. Hank moves back to town, unbeknownst to Sarah.

10:45pm Scandal
“Seven Fifty-Two”
Secrets from Huck’s life before Pope and Associates are revealed, Olivia and Fitz engage in an emotionally charged conversation, unaware of the fact that someone could be watching, and Olivia’s team comes together to help one of their own. Meanwhile, Cyrus is becoming increasingly sceptical of Jake, and Mellie makes a decision that could bring down the White House.


  1. carolemorrissey

    Yay, finally the bloody tennis is over and some great shows are back!!!!!!! Was really happy to see Suits & Scandal back next week. I thought we would have to wait till next summer to see them. Don’t know what they are doing about Covert Affairs, it usually airs over the summer months and has already finished in the US ages ago. They could even put it on 7Two or 7Mate.

  2. harrypotter1994

    Good idea to keep the W&L / Parenthood combo going. Seem to remember Parenthood being the highest rating 9.30 show on 7 even when it was going 2 eps.

    Scandal being moved here, there and everywhere doesn’t suprise me. Was Mon 9.30 then Mon 10.30 the was off for a week for the Fast Five movie then Thurs 10.30 then back to Mon 10.30 with a week break in between!!

  3. I didn’t expect Chicago Fire to make the cut. It rated nearly 700k in its last outing and held most of them till 10:30pm though. Seven were trying to establish Scandal in the slot over summer but I guess it didn’t do well enough.

    Chicago Fire could move to 9:50pm once they start a drama earlier on Monday nights. Revenge/CF is an odd pairing and why wouldn’t they have started Revenge already if that is what they are intending? Perhaps they are intending another surprise with The Blacklist/CF. Both those shows have momentum that they will want to maintain and have done OK on Mondays.

    Bones probably Thursday 8:30pm.

    So Seven still have to announce, (or omit), INXS, Downton Abbey, The Blacklist, Revenge, Castle, Agents of Shield, Criminal Minds and the last few episodes of the Suits arc.

  4. Grey’s Anatomy has fallen victim to the on and off again. I just hope that will return and run concurrently with the US season. I know we are two eps behind and the US season returns late Feb. So I hope Grey’s returns on Feb 20th for single eps, rather than wait till May and then show doubles again to burn it off like last year!!

  5. A typical Tuesday line up with W&L and Parenthood. But I agree with Nate, some shows get shocking treatment. Loyal timeslots build loyal viewers. the chopping and changing means keen fans will either go online, otherwise most will switch off!

    I am leaning towards relying on ABC for existing and new shows as the unreliability drives me insane. There are minimal shows that I watch on 7 and 9 especially due to the atrocious late times and on/off.

  6. Chicago Fire has become my favourite show of the summer…started with episode 9 last week. Great acting and awesome storylines…Chicago PD the spinoff is also very well done.

  7. Do 7’s programmers just throw darts at a board for Scandal? This’ll make its 4th day change in only 2 months.

    Any word on where that leaves Suits? Switching days or pulled entirely with 3 episodes remaining?

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