Rumour: one hour for Seven News?

seven newsTV Tonight is hearing more whispers on Seven’s plan for a 1 hour news service, leaving Today Tonight‘s future unclear.

Seven is tipped to screen a one hour news service this Monday night. 

Whether this is a one-off for the Australia Day holiday (and the first night for MKR) or a sign of things to come is unknown. But the whispers are it’s the latter.

Seven recently announced Helen Kapalos had quit TT to join Sunday Night, but said there were no current changes planned for Seven News or Today Tonight.

As an indication of just how quickly things change, a week earlier a Seven spokesperson had told TV Tonight Kapalos was staying put.

Seven has recently been broadcasting a 40 minute news service and replaced its long-standing Seven News theme. It’s in the mood for change.

There have also been suggestions that local TT editions in Adelaide and Perth may stay put, where they reign supreme.

But while networks are out to confuse the competition, they’re also at risk of confusing the audience.


  1. We heard all this same time last year. It won’t happen. In a day of 15 second news grabs and the internet, an hour of news on commercial TV is overkill.

  2. Channel 7 has gone back to its old tune, and ditched the new news them music. Did many people complain that much that they changed it back.

    I didnt mind it. I mean its only used at the start. Its not like it interrupted the news. I guess some dont like change

  3. Good to see The Mission theme back tonight, well done and thank you 7 News. The theme introduced Monday was just awful. Monday should be interesting. Hopefully some good, strong reporting. Maybe get Peter Mitchell and Jennifer Keyte to team up for News. Rebecca Maddern is also a great newsreader. Sean Sowerby would be great as permanent weeknight Sport presenter and we all miss David Brown on Weather. Jo Silvagni should do a good job though.

  4. I had no idea that those ads featuring Helen Kapalos were for a show that she hosted. I thought they were shampoo commercials for “Timotei Tonight”! 😉

    Then there’s the Seven’s news ads which sound like an S Club 7 song, “Bringin’ it home to you!”. Oh I see, ‘S Club Seven’!!! Nice!

    I mean really, how are we supposed to take these people seriously?

  5. Aussie_Austridge

    I don’t think Seven will split the network to retain TT in Adelaide and Perth. The last time that happened was ten or so years ago when Nine axed its 5:30 Extra programs but Nine Brisbane was allowed to continue with Brisbane Extra because it was a ratings winner.

  6. Think that this would be a good idea for 7 to push the news to 1 hour from 5:30-6:30. Why not axe Deal or No Deal and push the Million Dollar Minute to 5PM

  7. Seven news at 6PM TT630PM 7two has news at 7PM so if they do news from 6PM to 7PM they have to cancel 7two news at 7PM.

    Bullswool they would never put H&A up agenst neighbours

  8. Rumour has it that there are big changes in news coming…..Could even be announced Monday.

    Could Ten be about to announce something for early February when Peter M commences at Ten…

    Gotta love rumours.

  9. An hour long Australia Day news makes sense, and it will give them data to see what works. They may have to drop TT or H&A from the main channel.

    It seems that people would rather watch recaps of the headline stories and sport on Nine than the usual beating up of the unemployed and butchers peddling dodgie sausages at 6:30pm. Perhaps the ACA/TT wars were all about cheap content to battle over viewers just waiting for stuff to come on at 7pm.

    Seven were the first to try stretching the news to stop people flicking over to ACA. Nine had the room to make it work. ACA has done well against the Tennis pregame. Seven will see how H&A does against it before taking drastic action.

  10. I hope that they do axe TT here in Sydney. But as others have said, one hour of news at 6pm isn’t needed. Its bad enough going to this current 40 minute news they’re trialling at the moment (in Sydney anyway!). Just stick with 30 minutes of news.

  11. The hour of so called news is not needed at 6pm as it runs too late into the night. I believe there is a place for tt and h&a cant be pushed ahead surely. Ten doing the hour at 5pm I have always liked but I record it to watch in my own time in the evening anyway. I find they do the local stories in a bit more depth than 7 or 9 many times.

  12. Seven has to do something as TT in Sydney & Melbourne is sinking like a stone. The Helen Kapalos experiment was a total flop.
    What’s the problem with an hour of news? Ten has being doing it for decades.

  13. Desperate times for them. Whatever they deliver the audience seems uninterested. Look at how well the tennis is doing – they can’t even capitalise on that…

  14. Expect them to follow Nine and fill the last half-hour with advertorials for Myer’s Sale – as Nine Sydney did last night. Myer has a Sale, and that’s news? And warrants more time than the few real news items that led the bulletin?
    That new Seven News music is the pits.

  15. I think you might find they will @mistaken. Someone has to show us things that “No parent should miss” and those feet just don’t jam in doors themselves 🙂

  16. Good news if TT is axed but the concerning part is in 2013 on the occasions when 7 news went for an hour the last 20 mins was full of crappy TT style stories – hopefully they don’t do this again.

  17. 7 News in Adelaide still continues to run for only 30mins with a full session of TT at 6:30.
    The normal host has been off on maternity leave for a couple of months, so I don’t think they’d want to drop her position before she returns.

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