Simon says Million Dollar Minute is go

Million Dollar-266_FAfter 19 seasons of hosting It’s Academic for Seven, Simon Reeve today becomes the new quizmaster on Million Dollar Minute.

He replaces Grant Denyer who quit to spend more time with his family.

Reeve says the show echoes both Pick a Box and Sale of the Century.

“Good quiz shows are a staple of Australian television going a very long way back. Sadly I’m old enough to remember watching Pick a Box as a kid! What I really like about Million Dollar Minute is that it there is a nod to that great tradition. Bob Dyer and Tony Barber are not names my kids are familiar with, but Bob and Tony are, in their own way, giants of TV history in this country. Within Million Dollar Minute can be found small traces of DNA belonging to those great shows… hell, maybe even bits of the set!” he says.

“Quiz show formats are an interesting beast. They have to be simple to follow – provide an element of risk, reward and of course drama. Above all, as a viewer you try to see yourself in the position of the contestant. How would you cope with the pressure, what decision would you do make under those circumstances? It’s old fashioned entertainment and Million Dollar Minute does a super job of combining all those elements in the right proportion.”

The show now has a new “safe level” of $75,000 for the final round, as a minimum prize should contestants punt for the top prize.

It also reunites him with Seven’s Head of Light Entertainment.

“It’s also a real pleasure to link up again with one of the very good people of TV in this country, Grant Rule. Grant and I worked together on a show called Quizmaster for Seven about 10 years ago. Big bucks, hard questions and big egos … and not just mine! He has a passion and a fascination for this unique type of tv and his enthusiasm for Million Dollar Minute is infectious.

It’s Academic is wonderful for very different reasons – but it’s amazing to see someone have a crack at a hundred thousand dollars plus with just a few general knowledge questions.”

Million Dollar Minute airs 5:30pm weeknights on Seven.


  1. I watched it on Friday. Simon Reeve is much better than Grant Denyer as host. He has excelled at his role on It’s Academic and it shows in MDM that he knows how to host these shows, whereas Denyer I just didn’t like because he sounded annoying and fake.

    Even though Seven are trumpeting there is “more questions” in MDM, I will still watch Hot Seat most of the time.

  2. Something needs to be done about forfeit the lead because a carry over champ is not going to give up their lead easily if they are playing for lots of money in the end game.

    Over the summer I saw promos where contestants were zapped out of their seats to a location that was to do with a question which Simon asked. Will that really be happening on the show?

    Nigel’s end score of 185 was unbelievable! If a contestant is able to finish up with a score 150 or higher there should be a incentive like on Sale of the Century when any score over 100 he or she would be playing for the car.

    In last night’s end game (where the champ incorrectly answered a Seinfeld question) when crossing to the news the news-readers said thanks to Grant. What a blunder!

  3. They definitely need to be more flexible in the amount of money they offer for the lead. I’d like to see them offer $1000 for every question they are ahead so if you are 25 points ahead like the champ was last night he’d be offered $5000 instead of the usual $2000. The fact you can be 5 points ahead or 50 points ahead and receive the same amount is another flaw that should have been fixed.

  4. So the whole “new game” campaign was all centred around the $75k safe level? The game is as boring as it originally was. Why don’t 7 listen ? Tonight season return for example ….asking the carry over champ to give up his 25 point lead for a measly $2000 what a boring predictable response from the champ ….who can blame him.

  5. @ David, agree with your comment re: classy comments.
    I would add @ Jumpingben’s nonsensical: “As much as I appreciate and respect Simon I can’t bare (sic) to watch the show because Grant Denyer made me tune out.”.
    So you appreciate and respect Simon but you can’t give him the respect to watch his debut because Grant Denyer, wno is longer the host, made you tune out? Why are you telling us this? Maybe put some clothes on and you’ll be able to bear it.

  6. He deserves a chance after all the years he’s put in.
    Grant Denyer just didn’t seem the right person for the host and he always seems to leave a good job to spend more time with family.

  7. As much as I appreciate and respect Simon Reeve, I can’t bare to watch this show, as Grant Denyer has made me tune out. Sorry Simon but the family will stick to hot seat

  8. The $75k level needed to be scrapped when they tweaked the format and $100k should’ve been the safety level. The fact you go from $20k-$50k-$75k-$100k just seems stupid to me. Going from a $30k jump in prize money to two $25k jumps adds no incentive for people to return once they reach $50k.

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