TEN signs Roy and HG for Winter Olympics

Roy_HG-059TEN has rather cleverly hired the services of the inimitable Roy Slaven and H.G. Nelson for the XXII Olympic Winter Games for another satirical sports outing, this time called Roy and H.G’s Russian Revolution.

The pair (otherwise known as John Doyle and Greig Pickhaver), they will broadcast every night during the games in front of a live studio audience.

They have previously presented Olympics-themed and World Cup commentary dating back to 2000.

Roy Slaven said: “TEN has given us a great opportunity to look closely at the new Russia and to catch up with old friends newly released from prison. This will be a great games for our Australian winter superstars like Dale Begg-Smith and to unearth new stars the world is yet to hear about.”

H.G. Nelson said: “It’s a dream come true to be back at the Olympic coalface. There is no greater thrill in the world of sport than seeing young, fit Australians wearing the green and gold standing on the top step of the podium, wearing medals and grinning.”

TEN’s Head of Sport, David Barham, added: “Roy and H.G. are a key signing for TEN. They are proven medal winners, they bring vast Olympic experience and we are looking forward to their insights on Russian culture.”

The pair will also present a daily 30-minute show for the Samsung Stadium App, “The Ice Stream”.

H.G. Nelson also joins Stephen Quartermain and Alisa Camplin for a daily preview show Sochi Tonight, which begins from February 7.


  1. I use to love these guys on triple m in Melbourne but wish 10 had of left them out of the Winter Olympics!! They’re like a geriatric version of Hamish & Andy (minus the funny part) Would rather see more coverage of the games, not just the aussies competing, rather than them trying to make terrible one liners back to back!! Go away!!

  2. So just over two weeks to go and all Ten have announced is that there will be lots of hours on One and Ten, (but not when the BL is on).

    And most exciting news is that Roy and H.G will be doing a pisstake, sometime!

  3. I love these guys, I hate sport but enjoy their take on The Olympics, so funny.
    I still remember the Sydney Olympics with Fatso the wombat being thrown off the diving board and them judging it. ( don’t worry, it was only a stuffed toy ) in case you didn’t see it.

  4. This will certainly help ten’s olympics fortune. I still don’t feel it will be as big for ten as they think it will be…but this will help.

    Plenty of positive response here…even from trev …(……well almost) 😉

  5. Secret Squirrel

    The first genuinely good decision Ten have made in a while. I prob still won’t watch much of the sports but I’ll tune in for this.

    Alisa Camplin’s a good addition too but Steve Quartermain? – should’ve got Steven Bradbury!

  6. Awesome. I have loved there shows from past Olympics. I still laugh when they had the hilton sisters on there 2000 Olympic show and they said to them what do you actually do for a job.

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