The Morning Show and Daily Edition refreshes.

2014-01-25_0142Seven producer Sarah Stinson is refreshing her two programmes The Morning Show and The Daily Edition from Monday.

News Corp reports both have had their formats overhauled with new graphics and “several changes to be rolled out over the coming weeks.”

“We never rest on our laurels. I play each day like I’ve lost the ratings the day before. You have to be passionate and competitive in television and indeed in anything you do,” she said.

“I don’t wait for something to become an emergency before I fix it or look at new ways of telling stories.”

The Morning Show remains the clear leader in its timeslot, averaging 165,000 viewer last year to Mornings 120,000 and newcomer Studio 10* on 41,000. The latter’s decision to remain on air over summer has probably helped viewers to sample it, but it has enormous ground to make up in total viewers.

The Daily Edition is yet to make its mark, with changing timeslots and very little buzz. If this one is to stay, an overhaul here sounds like a good idea.

* premiered in early November.


  1. Bit confused by the use of average ratings in the story. I realise you’ve noted Studio 10 only started in Nov but it’s ratings recently have been significantly higher than 40000. Recent ratings would be a more fair comparison.

    The Morning Show may be “a clear leader in the time slot” but Studio 10 is by far a superior production.

  2. I really don’t understand what market the Daily Edition is trying to market. They re-hash stories from Sunrise and The Morning Show, cant imagine anyone at home at 2.00pm that didn’t see Sunrise and The Morning Show.

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