TV Tonight resumes normal programming

oairFrom today TV Tonight lifts summer hiatus and resumes normal programming.

This means more stories published throughout the day, as you’ve come to know and love.

During summer there were more than 600 posts across the site -that’s some ‘break!’

Thank you for your patience during this time.

Yesterday the site unveiled its annual Programmer’s Wrap with Peter Andrews from SBS.

Today we hear from Beverley McGarvey. TV Tonight is the only media in the country that publishes such comprehensive back to back features with the decision makers. And they’re all just as curious to see what the others have said as you are.

Just a note to advise there is currently a glitch with the site’s Twitter feed after (yet another) API change by Twitter. In the meantime I am endeavouring to publish the tweets manually, but if you are an early bird then for now you’re better off to check the site the old-fashioned way. This is also a good time to remind my Twitter followers that questions should be directed via the blog, that way everybody can read the answers.

If you frequent Comments, please ensure you are abiding by Comments Policy (Respectful comments, No SHOUTING, no links etc) and you maintain a valid email. Sometimes I have had tried to contact users only to have these bounce back. All comments are truncated at 900 characters -in this way the onus is on you to edit for length rather than me.

If you haven’t checked out the Calendar section or the Timeshifted ratings, these can be found by hovering your mouse over the menu. Show Tags at the bottom of every story are also a great way to see recent stories on your favourite shows, including when they have been moved around the schedule. You can also use the format of a tag to search for a show if it hasn’t been written about lately. Just add the URL:



  1. Maev....Sydney

    WB…not sure how much ‘break’ you had…as usual…barely knew you were gone….there was still plently to keep me up to date….including the great ABC news story.

  2. You know you are amazing! Even I a real I was kept up to date with all the TV news! Looking forward to another great year from the Worlds best TV blog (and the only one I check)!

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