UK revives Catherine Tate’s Nan and Birds of a Feather

2014-01-06_0120TV revivals seems to be all the rage in the silly season at the moment.

Catherine Tate revived her irascible foul-mouthed Nan in a one-off special for the BBC. Mathew Horne appeared as her grandson Jamie via Skype as he was out of the country during the filming. Instead Nan was paired with a young girl called Alice by The Young and Old Buddy-Up Foundation to keep her company.

The BBC screened the special at 9:30 and is reportedly bracing itself for a barrage of complaints about language, racism and all things offensive. More than 100 people complained six years ago when the character screened an hour later.

Meanwhile Britcom Birds of a Feather, which had a 9 year run from 1989 – 1998, has been revived for 8 episodes.

Starring Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph, the first episode last week revolved around Sharon and Tracey having not spoken for years, but both turn up for a book signing.

Reviews for the 2014 version suggested it hasn’t aged so well, with one critic even calling it, “The worst programme I’ve seen twice.”


Source: Nottingham Post , IMDb


  1. “Birds” wasn’t so bad. The ladies slipped into their characters very well after 15 years. Lesley Joseph has hardly aged at all. It was kind of nice to revisit Chigwell after all these years…like a comfortable chair or a well read book. I mean…there are people who loved or hated this series….for those that loved, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. Open All Hours again was allegedly truly dire whereas more people have warmed to the Birds.

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