Airdate: Love Child

2014-02-08_2021Nine now has promos indicating an airdate for its new drama series, Love Child.

It will air on Monday nights against Revenge from February 17.

The series stars Jessica Marais (as Joan Millar), Jonathan LaPaglia (as Dr Patrick McNaughton), Mandy McElhinney (as Matron Frances Bolton) Ryan Corr (as Johnny Lowry), Ella Scott Lynch (as Shirley Ryan), Sophie Hensser (as Viv Maguire), Miranda Tapsell (as Martha Tenant), Gracie Gilbert (as Annie Carmichael) and Harriet Dyer (as Patricia Saunders).

Guest cast includes Ryan Johnson, Maya Stange, Ben O’Toole and Emma Birdsall.

It’s 1969. Defiant country girl, Viv Maguire, wakes to find she’s been drugged by her parents and sent to the city to hide her pregnancy at Stanton House – a home for unwed mothers in Sydney’s Kings Cross. On the same day, Joan Millar, 28, steps off the plane from London and commences work as a midwife at the adjoining hospital – Kings Cross General. Joan is nursing a broken heart and hiding a few secrets of her own.

When Joan is called to assess Viv’s pregnancy she comes into conflict with the Head of Obstetrics, Dr Patrick McNaughton. He’s more than a little intrigued by Joan. And attracted.

Meanwhile, Viv encounters Shirley, a mystery woman who has admitted herself to Stanton House. She’s older than the other Stanton House girls and has a lover in Kings Cross. Unlike the other girls who are locked into this place, Shirley seems to come and go as she pleases.

When one of the Stanton House girls, Annie Carmichael, goes into labour, Viv uses the distraction to escape into Kings Cross with some of her new roommates… to meet Mick Jagger who has just arrived in Australia to film the ‘Ned Kelly’ feature.

The birth of Annie’s baby is Joan’s first at the hospital and she’s shocked by the treatment Annie receives. The removal of Annie’s baby for adoption sets Joan on a mission to change this system.

Channel Nine will offer the first four episodes of Love Child on Jump-in before they air on television.

Today, from midday (AEDST) the first 10,000 lucky viewers will have the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the first half of this Australian made series before it screens on Channel Nine on Monday, February 17 at 8.40pm.

Available on the Jump-in iOS app and at, viewers can take advantage of this unique opportunity by streaming the first four episodes.

This is a ‘first in, first served’ approach, and as these episodes will go fast, Australians are encouraged to visit Jump-in today from midday.

David Gyngell, Chief Executive Officer of Nine Entertainment Co. said “Giving our audience on Jump-in the opportunity to preview Love Child before it hits the broader free to air market on the Nine Network, reflects the growth in our business platform. Love Child is one of the best new Australian dramas I’ve seen, and our confidence in a positive audience response enables us to provide this opportunity”.

Simply visit or download the Jump-in app for iphone or ipad and click on the Love Child link.

Once you have started to watch:
· All 4 episodes are presented in one 3 hour block

· Do not close the window, otherwise you might not be able to get back in due to public demand

· You can pause, fast forward and rewind the video (just don’t close the window)

· Only available to the first 10,000 users from midday (AEDST) today until streams expire.

8:40pm Monday February 17 on Nine.


  1. Normally watch Aussie produced shows before overseas ones but as this will be up against Revenge, sorry to say will be giving this one a miss as I am hooked on Revenge.

  2. Watched on Jump In. At first I thought it was weird they were putting up 4 episodes but I can see what they were doing which was getting people invested in the characters and then cutting it off right where you want to know what happens next to them! clever.

    The negative side would be I feel like I dont need to watch it for the next month. Unless they do double eps in the first 2 weeks which I think would be wise.

  3. carolemorrissey

    Really looking forward to this show, looks great in the promos. But I have a dilemma, I love Revenge too so which to tape and which to watch. Just hope 10 don’t put something I want to watch at that time after the Olympics. Be interesting to see if it beats Revenge.

  4. The only problem is it is on 9!
    Have lost all faith and at not turn into previously watched shows like HH (due to cast changes) and Mentalist (since the latter is still missing)

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