Airdate: Secrets and Lies

Ep-1+TEN’s anticipated new drama Secrets and Lies will premiere 8:30pm Monday March 3rd.

The six part series starring Martin Henderson has attracted overseas interest with a US adaptation and a screening set for the UK.

But in Australia it will have to compete with Nine’s new Love Child series and Revenge on Seven.

TEN also has Puberty Blues returning in the same week.

Ben Gundelach is running. He’s thirty-five, it’s nearly dawn and the bush track he’s running on – the one he runs every day – is grey gloom. But this is no ordinary morning jog. Ben is a panicked, desperate man… He emerges from the track onto Blackwood Crescent, the suburban street he lives in. He races to his house, shouting at his wife to call the police. Ben has just discovered the body of a four-year-old boy on the track. He has been brutally murdered.


  1. I cannot understand why australian programmers are obsessed with trying to ram everything into sunday-wednesday schedules, they must think nobody watches the other 3 days or people go out, well newsflash, nobody goes out more than the brits over the weekend but you’ll find most of their comedy, chat, panel, talent shows and some drama are on from thursday to saturday inc Dr.Who and they still rate and yet over here we get channel 7 showing Grease in primetime, a 36 yr old movie. Unbelievable.

  2. I’ll admit I share the concerns on how this will go. I just hope everyone somehow is wrong even though it is unlikely. I know they have to put something there. Let’s hope it does OK.

  3. Why shouldn’t Ten try and organise a schedule based on what’s best for them? If its good enough, surely the viewers will watch? Oh wait, its Ten, it doesn’t matter where they put it.

  4. I concur with everyone, this seems like a bad programming decision!
    I will record it since I can’t commit to Nein, no matter how good the reviews are!
    Secrets and Lies looks awesome and has a huge buzz…

  5. For goodness sake why not Thursday nights.

    Who is programming TEN.

    Why put it up against the Nine and Seven offerings which are off and running.

    Hopefully we will have “encore” screenings on Thursday nights.

  6. I’m now convinced that Ten are deliberately trying to run the network into the ground. They’ve got shows that people actually want to watch (SYTYCDA, Secrets & Lies) but then they launch them up against some of the biggest shows in the country. Stupid!

    Ten should give up on programming Sun-Tues for a few years and put all their strongest content on Wed-Sat. Let them build a following in a less-crowded environment. Maybe once they start winning the back-end of the week people will return to the network.

  7. Why on earth would ten schedule it against love child on nine which is already off to the races with huge ratings

    Why not put on a night with less competition.

    Ten is not in a strong enough position right now to compete

    No one is watching ten to see the promos and know this show exists

    Another effed move from ten this network is doomed

  8. Hmm I don’t think this will do well against Revenge and Love Child. Although I can see maybe those two would skew more female, so maybe there is an audience for it.

    It also seems like they don’t have anywhere else to put it. Sun, Tues, Wed and Thur all are filled at 8:30 with decent (for TEN) rating shows by the time it debuts.

  9. hannigans_heroes

    Really hoping this can be a success for Ten, but I can’t help but feel that it’s going to be DOA, especially in this timeslot. That being said, any slot at Ten is dead slot these days.

  10. This looks really good. Hats off to ten for commissioning it, I’ll probably wait for DVD and smash it on a weekend though I don’t think I can watch crime mystery shows week to week anymore. Too long to wait if it’s good.

  11. Does channel 10 deliberately want their shows to rate poorly? I thought they would know by now that they shouldn’t air Aussie Drama shows up against other Aussie drama shows. I would have put this on Thursday night.

  12. Why would TEN launch this against Love Child, now a big hit and Revenge that has built a dedicated audience over the past few years. There are now just not enough viewers available on Mobdays for it to do more that 600K to 700K. I was a big fan of TEN but they have now really lost the plot!

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