1. Let’s not forget between 8:30 and 10:30pm The main channel offerings do better as they don’t glorify crime.People want light entertainment as they wind up the day.Ten on Tuesdays has a long way to go to win back those viewers who back in the Nineties were watching Melrose Place but today would rather watch Big Bang and 2 Broke Girls or Winners and Losers and Parenthood or whatever the Multi Channels offer as well.

  2. Channel TEN continues to hurt its ratings following the conclusion of the Sochi Olympics. Currently Channel ten cannot rise beyond ABC, Nine or even Seven. So far TBL has had poor ratings. Ten should axe The biggest loser.

  3. I think its summer hiatus hurt Mornings. At this rate it will probably be gone by years end. And I predict Nine won’t launch another morning show to replace it, the perfect opportunity for Studio 10.

  4. once-upon-a-time

    Thoroughly confused by some of the comments by supposedly avid watchers of MKR, and ask just what else did they expect, because from the inception of MKR, the subterfuge, out of sequence items in the endless promo’s have reined supreme?

    Even the in-between menu comments and expectations by contestants awaiting different courses as listed on the menu, where their interpretations and expectations, can virtually guarantee that, that will be the exact element the instant restaurant chefs will experience many problems, and many time not even achieve, but this formula is obviously a ratings winner.

    But sometimes being too smart by half, can lead to not being very smart in the long run, and ask just what were those cooking shows once so popular on Network 10 called?

  5. Ten would be very disappointed with NCIS numbers. It used to be the one US show they could depend on.

    Expect double Good Wife to bomb tonight – it could not get decent ratings last year at 9.30pm let alone starting this week at 8.30pm.

  6. Studio 10’s numbers are definitely growing- 10-15%. Clearly some of these viewers have migrated from ch9. Mornings has dropped about 30% since November. Significant decline and ch9 would have to be slightly concerned.

  7. @alfagirl, no, the team results didn’t make it to air.

    During the verdict at Kitchen headquarters, a disclaimer popped up on screen promoting the shows website for those interested in the team scores.

  8. Channel 10 played the NCIS episode out of place. They aired Ep 8 Alibi and gave the impression it was the one where the new girl Ellie Bishop arrives. Which it isn’t. Wrong – thats episode 9 Gut Check when she arrives. Should have been episode 7 Better Angels with Ralph Waite that should have been on. They are so stupid at this place, no wonder they are failing.

  9. jezza the first original one

    “which should be a lesson for critics saying television is dead.”

    I think there is some strong compelling tv around and even fine quality. House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Silk etc..

    Most critics recently probably think ch10 are a bit dead, rather than tv in general. Shows like MKR do their job very well,ie.. suck people in night after night with very well produced, edited but ultimately contrived drama of a cooking competition. I am not a fan at all, I actually think it is LCD crap, but hey it works very well…

    @cronker….yeah I know what you mean, shuffle this show here, put it on there etc…all a load of bs, the billionaires owners need to massively open up their bulging wallets

  10. How quickly standards can drop. 18 months ago Everybody Dance Now got 300k and it was ripped off air, everyone thought ten had hit rock bottom. Now ten have reality shows that rate like that almost every day of the week and ten seem to take it in their stride.

  11. Very noticeable change in procedure for MKR last night when they omitted the guest teams scores before the final scoring reveal. Clearly because it would have immediately given away the fact that the villain team had lost, even before Pete n Manu scored the girl team.

    Interesting to see that Studio 10 isn’t that far behind 9’s morning offering. And I hope today’s comments don’t degenerate into the armchair programmers “how to fix 10” snorefest, as per recent discussions.

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