Arch-angel Eddie welcomes Sandy Roberts to footy’s Pearly Gates

Video: I don't know what they're smoking at the FOX Footy channel lately.

I don’t know what they’re smoking at the FOX Footy channel, but viewers might be wanting some of it soon.

This promo welcoming commentator Sandy Roberts to the channel is unashamedly over the top, with Eddie McGuire as an arch-angel at the Pearly Gates.

After that shocking take on Up Their Cazaly recently (lyrics courtesy of Andrew Hansen) at least this one has a sense of yumour…

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  1. @fire2013 They might not be too worried just yet. He isn’t taking away AFL ratings from 9… The AFL Footy Show even promotes Foxtel because 7 don’t give them much in the way of highlights.

  2. Foxtel still pandering to the aerial ping pong brigade with their very own channel screening their game non-stop even in the cricket season. You want a Rugby Channel? Move to New Zealand.

  3. I thought it was brilliant…

    Is there an inference in the ad that Kevin Bartlett might be in line for a gig too of some kind at FoxFooty?

    I think they are showing they can have a good laugh at themselves.

    It took me a while (and still not overly convinced) on the Up There Cazaly re-write (and video).

    Sandy is certainly in a better place I think… (FoxFooty that is)

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