Axed: Slide Show

2014-02-09_0130No chance of a return for SlideShow on Seven this year with confirmation today the show has not been renewed.

The confirmation means host Grant Denyer is now without a show, after quitting Million Dollar Minute in December and was replaced by Simon Reeve.

The Sunday Telegraph speculates his future at Seven is unclear, alleging he may be out of favour due to “bizarre antics and backstage tantrums.”

An earlier press interview in which he said he “never, ever wanted to be a game show host” is also said to have disappointed execs.

Last month TV Tonight readers voted him “Most Over Exposed” personality of 2013.

This weekend Denyer returns to competitive racing in a Ford Focus GTC Touring car at Bathurst, for the first time since 2011.

“I have been living in Bathurst for most of the last 4 weeks, and running the Mountain every day,” he said. “I haven’t driven competitively for a number of years, however have done plenty of laps around here, and feeling pretty fit, so I am pumped about the opportunity to do another long distance event in such a unique Australian built car,”” he said.


  1. I understand that the Programming Department at Seven really liked SlideShow, but they were unable to find a sufficiently large audience who were similarly inclined…

  2. SouthCoastSaint

    Million Dollar Minute better with Simon Reeve, but by jingoes the ads are far worse. They only way the ads could be worse is if they had MKR contestants.

  3. I did enjoy the show, it was a bit of fun, was a nice change than all the reality stuff night after night… and will miss seeing Toby Truslove on TV each week.

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