Bumped: Now it’s Schapelle vs INXS

2014-02-02_1851Nine has moved its Schapelle telemovie from Monday to Sunday night.

It says the change is due to “current events.”

Schapelle now screens at 8:30pm with Seven’s INXS┬áminiseries currently at 8:40pm.


  1. cynical old codger

    Could this mean that Nine has lost the bidding war for any future rights for her story, during Schapelle’s parole years and forever after.

    The may be a mugs input, but to me and as we have we have been told over and again this last week, that Schapelles release was eminent and due within days.

    So why would Nine bring it forward, instead of actually moving it back till immediately after her release, enabling time to for consultation and to set up ‘live crosses’ to Schapelle and to whoever else, during or after it being shown.?

    So have they lost the bidding war, and or was not accurate or sanctioned by the Corby’s?

  2. INXS: NTUA might win over Channel 9’s Schappelle. Nine might not survive ratings for tonight; they might languish to 4th place during its times lot.

  3. No winners tonight, just losers – us, the viewers. I really hate our TV networks, they are so pathetically childish in their race to the bottom. When is someone going to man (or woman) up and stick to their schedules.

    The printed guides, even in the daily papers, are full of TBAs, including last Tuesday at 7.30 when anyone interested would know MKR is on. Last night (Sat) ditto – so you know it’s going to be hours of repeats of MKR. Who do they think they’re fooling??

  4. C’mon get real.The INXS mini series will have Australia glued to their sets.
    The music, the story of the band going from Aussie pubs to superstardom, the Kylie Minogue connection and the tragic end.
    No brainer.
    Nine has shot itself in the foot

  5. This Sunday night will prove which network is truly the most liked.
    My predictions:
    The Block – 1.3m
    MKR – 1.7m
    SYTYCD – 0.9m
    Sunday Night – 1.3m
    60 Minutes – 1.6m
    Rake – 0.8m
    Schapelle – 1.8m
    INXS – 1.5m

  6. Will be interesting to see the result, at the end of the day, it just divides the audience.
    My prediction:

    MKR 1.8m
    The Block 1m
    60 mins 1.2
    Sunday Night 1.3
    Schapelle 2m
    INXS 1.3m
    SYTYCD 500k

  7. carolemorrissey

    Never been a fan of INXS, so will be watching Schapelle and taping Rake. Channel 9 had every programme tweeting about the change yesterday so if you are on Twitter you could not have missed the change. I noticed they are repeating the special the dark side of Bali after it.

  8. My EPG has Schapelle starting at 8.46pm and finishing at 10.57pm. INXS starts at 8.39pm and finishes at 10.40pm.
    I’ve decided to record both and watch Rake.

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