Don Hany cast as lead in US pilot

hanyDon Hany has been cast as the male lead in a new medical drama pilot, Warriors, to screen on the US ABC network.

The project from writer Chris Keyser is inspired by the Walter Reed Military Medical Center, following the best and brightest active-duty military doctors and nurses as they practice trailblazing medicine.

Hany, who doesn’t have U.S. representation yet, will play trauma surgeon George Mann, who can’t stop taking care of these men, though it nearly breaks his heart, every day.

Deadline notes he is expected to be one of many non-American actors to land major roles in pilots this season.

“The talent pool has been stretched even more ridiculously thin this season between all of the original scripted in production on network, cable, premium cable, Netflix, Amazon and everything in between,” an industry insider said. “I think you’ll see more and more actors from the UK, Australia, Europe, etc. booking roles in U.S. pilots.” 


  1. Have to agree…I really enjoy his work…he deserves to do well….what he went through to keep going on Serangoon Road..was above and beyond the call of duty…many would have packed it in.

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