Foxtel to fast-track Days of our Lives

12 months after soap fans were left hanging, Days will return to screen, just hours after the US.

2013-04-14_1738Twelve months after it was axed on Nine, iconic US soap Days of Our Lives is set to return to Australian screens.

This time it will air on Foxtel’s Arena channel, just hours after the episodes have aired in the U.S.

Nine axed the series last April after 45 years on Australian television before finally returning online via Crackle.com.

Days will return from 12:50pm Tuesday April 15 AEST  for the first time ever, “day and date” with the United States.

But viewers also need to be brought up to date with 6 months worth of episodes, which reflect the historic gap that existed in its former life on Australian television.


Arena will screen 10 specially selected episodes introduced by Days cast members, designed to bring them up to speed.

The will air weekdays from Tuesday April 1 to Monday April 14 at 12.50pm.

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  1. I was thinking if Nine were still running it they could put it on between 6:30 and 7:30pm cutting 30 minutes out of the news and dropping ACA in the process.It would give the home grown soaps a good run for their money amongst the older generation.

  2. Don’t have Foxtel, still try to watch on Crackle when it doesn’t keep freezing that is!
    Its more than six months to catch up on, Crackle is only up to Christmas 2012, they used to put up 7 episodes per week, and now its only 5, any idea why?
    I still want to watch all the episodes, we already lost 4 years of eps when they caught up before, but due to the cricket we were soon behind again.
    if it finishes on Crackle david, will the older eps be available again on U Tube?

  3. I don’t agree with all my friends that say this ” fast tracking ” is a load of tosh. The programmers are right , the picture colors are much less faded , the actors seem just that bit younger looking and not one of them has a five o’clock shadow.

  4. Well it’ll be a bit of a shock to the system having Days be day and date with the US, after being so far behind for so long. It’s good that it is back with its long time stablemate Y&R. I’ll have to try and be sure and see those first 10 episodes. Now if only I could afford Foxtell.

  5. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy young and the restless days of our lives are on foxtel but I just throat eleven would have it bold and beautiful days of our lives and the young and restless because my nanna pop don’t have money for foxtel

  6. Yay, my elderly Mum will be thrilled and I’ll finally get my tablet back!! She’s been hogging it watching DOOL on Crackle, but thrilled now that we will be able to watch it on Arena

  7. The price Sony was asking for DOOL was too much for it to be profitable on a secondary FTA channel or a Foxtel channel. Which is why they couldn’t sell it and Sony posted it on Crackle.

    Either Sony or Arena budged.

  8. Pleased to hear Days return to Australian screens. However, I feel for the faithful who don’t have Foxtel, especially the elderly.

    Now if Foxtel would just return General Hospital to our screens.

  9. I’m thrilled with this decision. Finally being able to watch Days same day as the US is a huge step forward. And it will be great to see Days on a network that treats it decently for a change (no more breaks for the cricket!). Very happy Foxtel subscriber today!

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