Nine has first win of ratings year

Ratings: Without Seven's cooking juggernaut, Nine was able to have its first official win of the ratings year.

2014-02-14_1023Without Seven’s cooking juggernaut to contend with, Nine was able to have its first official win of the ratings year.

But we could be in for a run of uneventful Thursdays with Nine the only network over the magic million…

Nine network share was 30.5% then Seven 24.4%, TEN 23.8%, ABC 17.0% and SBS 4.3%.

Nine News topped with night with 1.08m / 976,000 viewers then The Block (1.07m / 830,000), A Current Affair (830,000), Hot Seat (537,000) and Sherlock (351,000 in 4 cities).

Seven didn’t crack one million with Seven News (989,000 / 920,000), Home and Away (870,000), Tricked (565,000), Million Dollar Minute (429,000) and disappointing numbers for Young, Lazy and Driving Us Crazy (396,000).

A Men’s Ski Slopestyle Final was TEN’s best at 700,000 in 4 cities followed by TEN Eyewitness News (608,000), Sochi Winter Olympics (485,000 / 339,000), The Project (415,000 / 350,000) and The Biggest Loser (394,000).

ABC News (834,000) led ABC1 then 7:30 (678,000), Qi (646,000), Clarke and Dawe (486,000) and Kids on Speed? (438,000).

On SBS ONE it was Gourmet Farmer (224,000), Italy Unpacked (214,000), Mexican Fiesta with Peter Kuruvita (186,000) and World News Australia (121,000). Rectify was 92.000.

Sochi Winter Olympics coverage led multichannels on ONE with 339,000 and a. 7.6% share.

Sunrise: 319,000
Today: 318,000
ABC News Breakfast: 52,000 / 47,000
Wake Up: 53,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 13 February 2014

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  1. Home and Away is still rating well, but the quality is slipping and the stories so tired, it won’t be long before audience fatigue sets in. Seven need to step in before it nosedives like Neighbours.

  2. I think The Project would work better as either a late night panel show (10.30pm onwards) or as an afternoon lead in (4pm). It’s just not strong enough to be the leader of the primetime evening – even when it did once hit 1m viewers a few years ago, it was still 4th in the timeslot (and often Neighbours gets better numbers on 11). I find Sunrise and Studio 10 must stronger programmes, which are not in primetime. The Project really is comparabale to The Daily Edition. Although it does have some great guests and strong moments, ten needs to do something to the 6 – 7.30pm timeslot and The Project is too weak. Ten have the perfect opportunity to offer a 1/2 hr national news bulletin at 6pm (as a major point of difference), perhaps a game show at 6.30pm, then return reality tv to 7pm where it started.

  3. The Project should go… I know, I know, but the reality is no matter the show, no matter the reason, a lead into 7:30 cannot do 350K.

    TEN’s scheduling (moving shows all around the schedule) denies viewers the chance to get into ‘pattern viewing’. If you miss a few episodes then, “oh well, I can’t be bothered now” kicks in.

    They have destroyed SYTYCD, they have destroyed Biggest Loser, their programmers are the worst in Australian TV since Bruce Gyngal said: “welcome to television”.

    Someone must be held accountable, someone needs to take the helm and make some bold decisions…otherwise…TEN will go into receivership…yet again… Would that be for the fourth time?…

    It’s really sad to see this once great Network in the hands of such fools.

  4. I saw a bit of TLDUC while waiting for Rectify to start. Though I didn’t wait around for the final credits to see who was responsible.

    Recruit a bunch of young, attention-seeking alcoholics with no hope of full-time employment and give them money to buy booze. The results were rather predictable and the only surprising thing is that Ten didn’t try it first.

  5. Did anyone see Young Lazy and Driving us Crazy? What a load of rubbish, worst show in years, not even TEN would have broadcast it! I noticed in the credits that a production company called Matchbox produced it, they should change their name to Rubbishbox.Just can’t believe Seven even put it to air!

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