Nine to rerun Schapelle telemovie

Doc McGee StillsNine has finally confirmed its TBA programming for tonight, just hours from the clock striking 8:40pm.

After being concerned the nation would have hit Schapelle Corby fatigue by Monday, it has opted to screen a Nine News special on her at 8:40pm followed by a rerun of the telemovie at 9:40pm.

Last night the drama attracted 1.02m against Seven’s INXS miniseries.

With the news today that convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby has walked free from Kerobokan Prison, Nine News will broadcast a special presentation tonight at 8.40pm –Schapelle: Finally Free.

After nine long years in the notorious Balinese jail, Corby was released on parole today, under strict conditions that will see her remain on the Indonesian island until 2017.

Schapelle: Finally Free will present unrivalled reporting on what the future holds for Corby, who is arguably Australia’s most infamous criminal of all time.

Hosted by Peter Overton, the programme will feature analysis and commentary from Nine News’ stable of expert reporters on the ground in Indonesia, including Karl Stefanovic, Tim McMillan, Mark Burrows, Tracy Vo, Michael Best And Lizzie Pearl.

Then, at 9.40pm, Channel Nine will broadcast a special encore presentation of the highly anticipated movie event of the year, Schapelle, based on Corby’s arrest, trial and conviction.


  1. Well in the cold light of day that worked well for them didn’t it? Not.
    The idea of throwing together these rehashed news specials and then re-running “encore” repeats is so yesterday. Almost like someone there has found an old notebook left by Sam Chisholm.
    Things have changed and the caravan has moved on, as they say…

  2. Channel 9 is just so bad!! Channel 7 is waaay better like it has a better morning show (Sunrise), it has better news, today tonight is better than ‘A Current affair’, my kitchen rules, home and away, The X factor, Sunday night the list goes on why Channel 7 just shits all over Channel 9.

  3. I don’t understand all this negativity about ch9 so what if they do a re-run & they bumped the show yesterday they probably thought they’d show competition etc okay the ratings went against them but they gave it a shot it is television after all. Ch 9 have much variety of better shows than ch 7. Ch 7 seem to play alot of rubbish shows but have only a few good ones.

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